lusha is the artistic name of the young, handsome and extremely talented young Zagrepčanka, claiming Hit Records for their new musical hopes.

Her first song is called Tears Black.

It's a love song about a girl whose black tears are bad and tries to hide them together with sorrow, but she still hopes that "special" boy. As the song is love, in every song you can find, of course, and when you find it, it's easier to sing because you stop with it.

For me, this is a big and new experience and I am delighted with the work and singing. From the song I expect to come as far as possible to the audience, to share their feelings, energy and love with singing, "Lusha said.

The man credited with the lyrics, music and arrangement of 'The Black Tears' is Ante Pecotić. Lusha was not pleased with her co-operation

Everything happened quickly when I met Anto Pecotić and started to make a song. Work with Ant is special. When you are working with someone who is so experienced and who you can learn a lot from, of course it is perfectly work with him. From communication, to work, to grief. I could not have expected better, "she said.

Satisfaction with the cooperation but also with the final music score did not hide either Ante Pecotić.

This is our first joint collaboration, and the song Lushi perfectly suits, because it is young, and with excellent vocals and extremely musical talent. I feel that with the song 'Tears of Black' we find the right measure that reflects its character in relation to my autobiographical expression. Ultimately, this is just the beginning of a beautiful and long-lasting cooperation! Pecotić said.

Single Lushe 'Tears of Black' follows the occasional video spot taken under the director's podium Željko Petreš.