Short films, MM Center's movie program, one of the oldest in Zagreb's still active cinemas, invites Dinner on Thursday, 10. March of 19: 30. Entry to the program is free, and more information can be found at and on

Dinner in most cases implies a meal we eat and digest in the last third of the day. In this case, instead of food, it is a film program in the last third of a day that begins with hunger and ends with coffee. Food as one of the basic human needs in these films takes the form of a metaphor for some other human need, emotional or spiritual nature. The films (in the selection of film critic Višnja Vukašinović and President of the Kinoklub Zagreb Vedrana Šuvara) describe how we achieve these needs, within a habit, in a positive or negative way, as an insatiable need for closeness, as opposed to solitude.

The program is 6 of various Croatian short films created in the last 25 years.

Animated Film One of the most famous Croatian animators of the younger generation, Petar Zlonoge, is shown on more than 40 festivals around the world. There is also the Breakfast, the first movie by Goran Dukic, author of the cult Croatian film Mirta, teaching statistics and the author of the World Wristcutters winner for which he has won dozens of awards at major world festivals. Mother's name: Orange Ancient Film Jasne Zastavniković from 1996. year, an unavoidable film in many documentary programs of Croatian film. It is an ironic, playable documentary-story story about a young man Nevena, who was a "problematic" child for the environment. Ana Hušman won the Three Rewards on the Days of Croatian Film 2008 for the film Lunch. The film deals with eating and eating practices - specifically the lunch situation, because eating together is a central place where we show others their smoothness and civilization. Daniela Šuljić's cake, a story of banal conflicts, is the winner of the award at the Diagonal Film Festival in Graz, as well as the award for the best animated film on 7. Days of Croatian Film. The program ends with Filipa Peruzović's coffee jam, more precisely with a well-behaved breakfast that one of the wrong moves can turn into a catastrophe. The film is the winner of the best short film on 60. Festival of Feature Film in Pula.

Short pictures are held every Thursday through 4's different program sizes, with a focus on innovative film streams, following the streams of contemporary productions as well as classic achievements. The program of the Short Round, in which we show Dinner, is a short film of Croatian films.