At a press conference held on Tuesday, 8. the first edition of the International Film Festival for Children was presented at the Müller Kinnau Hall in March - KinoKino, behind which is the organizational and creative team of the Zagreb Film Festival, which will be held of 16. to 20. March. The Five Day Festival will host its rich program in the cult of Zagreb cinema Europe, which has been devoted to quality cinematography for over nine decades as one of the key city cultural and social sites. The festival was presented by Boris T. Matić, director of the Zagreb Film Festival, Selma Mehadžić, director of the KinoKino Festival, and Katarina Crnčić, coordinator of the KinoKino Festival.

Ticket sale starts 8. March, and tickets (at a popular price of 15 kn) can be purchased at the Europa Chamber of Commerce (Warsaw 3) or online at For those who want to watch as many movies as possible, it is recommended to buy festival passageways, KinoKino Marathon, at a price of 55 kn.

- Our long-term efforts and incentives for fostering and creating audiences throughout the years have been realized in various projects, and some of them are now in the KinoKino Festival, whose first release will be presented next week. The festival is intended for the youngest audience, and is largely motivated by the success of our Bibijada children's program, which has been bringing regular new movies to the children's audience of the Zagreb Film Festival for almost ten years, as well as the yearly program Kino Bibijada. At the local and regional level there is a really rich scene of festivals and manifestations of children's creativity; KinoKino continues to a great extent to this diversity, but it certainly contributes to it, as it is the first Croatian festival of international professional film for children's competition with a competitive character. It is certainly one of the fundamental values ​​of the KinoKino Festival and the general idea of ​​a 'movie festival', which we have been promoting for the thirteenth year in a row at the Zagreb Film Festival: creating a cinema audience, fostering the sensitivity of the film and promoting an independent film. We would like KinoKino to become, in time, a similar platform to promote a quality film for children. So we bring a very carefully selected film program, which will also accompany the film talks and a varied workshop program - all this with the aim of creating a special and different movie theater experience with young people - emphasized Boris T. Matić.

- The competition program, which is divided into categories of long and short feature films, will feature a total of seventeen films from all over the world - from Sweden and Estonia to India and Australia, from Brazil and the US to South Korea. The selection is also made by overseas festival festivals, such as two full-length film productions that had their world premiere at the recently held Berlinale, one of the three biggest film festivals in the world. The festival will open on Wednesday, 16. and in the coming days, small visitors will be able to see witty, touchy and thrilling performances such as the Estonian film The Secret Juhograd Party, the Dutch Mali gangster, or the Korean movie How to Steal a Dog. All of them will compete for the awards that will be awarded by the sponsor - Beiersdorf Ltd. - to the best long or short films, according to the decisions of the professional and children's jury. The jury of the film industry this year is represented by Jaroslava Hynštová, program coordinator of one of the most important film festivals for children - the Zlín Film Festival, Slovenian director Miha Hočevar, author of the Slovene cinema hita We go on his way, and the Croatian director of children's films Daniel Kušan, and ghosts and love or death, while the children's jury makes up to seven elementary school students. The official part of the Festival will end on Saturday, 19. in March, announcing the winner and awarding, and on this occasion out of the competition will be presented one of the classics of Yugoslav cinema and one of the best European films for children of all time, the film Fedor Skubon lost the pencil - clarified Selma Mehadzic.

- Due to the adaptation of the festival to a specific audience, films are featured in a variety of terms covering working days and weekends, ranging from morning to late afternoon hours. We present them in the original language with Croatian subtitles, so we try to promote awareness of the variety of languages ​​(and culture!), But also to encourage the desire for their understanding. For each movie, the recommended age of the viewer is also listed, but the age category is a suggestion and not binding because the content of movies is appropriate for all generations. Also, to complement the understanding of the watched movie, all projections will also be followed by conversations with moderators.
The accompanying program is completely free and brings two more film programs: Classics with Directors and My First Film Going. In the first films of his childhood, Vinko Brešan, Danilo Šerbedžija and Antonio Nuić will be chosen by young filmmakers, while the latter is intended for preschool children who are just about to create the first cinema of experiences and memories. Workshop program, which we organize in cooperation with our partners, the Shadow launcher Association and the Short-to-Speed ​​Festival, will bring as many as four workshops to be conducted by experienced experts, while in cooperation with the Croatian Audiovisual Center for professionals and the interested public will organize a round table with the role role teachers in the promotion of film / audiovisual culture. All of these contents have been prepared with the intention of creating a complete festival experience for our youngest audience, which will provide other content and a full-length (extended) stay in the cinema, "said Katarina Crnčić.

All information about the Festival, programs and tickets can be found on the official website of the KinoKino Festival: The organizer of the KinoKino Festival is the Artistic Organization Zagreb Film Festival.