The National Council of the students of the Republic of Croatia was uneasy at the yesterday's session of the Government of the Republic of Croatia on which the budget was presented, and in one part and the plan to reduce students' subsidies from 75% to 50%

As we live in a country that points out that students have the right to free education, in recent years the National Council of Students is increasingly struggling to make that right and prosper. Although NVURH is part of the ministry, we can not agree with the decision to reduce or abolish the same rights. Therefore, we will also continue by talking to the Minister that the subsidies remain as such, because it is our duty as the largest representative body of students in the Republic of Croatia in which we have been elected to represent the rights of students. Likewise, we believe that this will surely be felt by parents, given their low salaries, if this difference is not reimbursed by local self-government.

This way, we want to once again express a great deal of disapproval about the possible reduction of students' subsidies. Likewise, we appeal to the ruling party once again to consider this move, to take into account all the possible negative consequences that might result from the implementation of such a decision. The Republic of Croatia is a country that aspires to a better future, a country that aspires to higher standards, a country that wants to grow. How will we become a land of knowledge if we do not invest in education, if we save on what we have to invest?