The Croatian Olympic and Marathon Matea Matošević presents her own video blog about running and the way to the Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro devoted to all fans and fans of running and sports. The Vlog will be shown on its You Tube channel through a variety of video clips that will handle different topics - from an Olympic training, nutrition and fitness training to clothing and footwear suitable for marathon running. Special cadres Matea will record in Rio de Janeiro where he will show the performance of his dream - performance at the Olympic Games.

Adidas has been actively supporting athletes from amateur to professional level for many years and has been developing its amateur racing community in Croatia since its founding. The great potential Mateja Matošević adidas recognized among the first and is her proud sponsor, and how much Matea is an outstanding athlete speaks of her first marathon that ran in Zagreb last year and immediately fulfilled the Olympic norm. adidas will follow and support Matošević on his way to Riga through her Vlog, as well as with top quality equipment such as new PureBoostX tennis rackets designed exclusively for women.

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