Voting on Vanja Sanjaj Španović on Jabuca TV Drago Prgomet announced that the money his HRID party receives from the budget as a parliamentary party for its actions instead of spending itself on young entrepreneurs wishing to start a private business. So he announced that next week will make a start-up workshop to invite all young people who want to run a private business to present ideas, and will best reward them.

"Our principles are the same, we will stand for reform, we will support what is good, but as a party we will try to launch some projects. Since private entrepreneurship and innovation are something we want to be recognized, next week we will have a start-up workshop. We will invite all young people who want to run their private business, and we will best reward financially. We'll give them money for their start. Money that we get as a party for political action and I think the best political action is that this money ends up with people who want to start their own business - Prgomet said that he was not investing money for the next local elections, the leader said in young people and what they advocate.

Also, Prgomet said that around 500 000 kuna, which HRID received for three mandates to donate to those with whom this money is needed.
- We donate everything, we will not hold anything for ourselves. We want the money that comes from the state budget to end with the citizens again. The stake is in the young people and for what we advocate.

Prgomet also commented on the demise of the quorum in the Parliament, saying that a part of the ruling acts as a rebellion even further.
- It did not do anything unusual because abandoning the parliamentary assembly and ending the session was something of a parliamentary life. But it is true that today we have witnessed that the ruling collapses the quorum in its own position. One part of the ruling party has taken over as an opposition today. We have been testifying for the last few weeks. It is hard for me to understand the justification that they succeeded afterwards in five minutes to agree, and that they did not arrive before that since this report was on the agenda last week - Prgomet said in Veto's show that his party and club would not they supported that report, but that does not mean the replacement of Vujčić's governor.

- We wanted to send a message that we are not happy with the work of the CNB. No one is a holy cow in this country. We would not support the shift. Governor must make his amendment to the end, said Prgomet.
Prgomet: We will have more counselors than ministers and a parallel power system
It is very difficult to be a non-active opposition to the government, Prgomet said, referring to serious misunderstandings within the government, and announced a new problem in the government for this.
- You have the prime minister, and vice-presidents of the government, each of them trying to form their own power centers, which will be the next issue. Right now, you have a dozen counselors, and by the end of the month you will have more counselors than ministers. You will have a situation in which literally advisers will make decisions, and ministers will answer those decisions. This is a parallel management system - said Prgomet.
Prgomet: I heard from some of his colleagues from the Bridge that he will not support the budget, but he will somehow pass
Commenting on a budget that he does not intend to support, Prgomet has said he is continuing all of the calculations in the last 25 years. But he thinks he'll eventually pass, but with serious and high tones.

- It does not differ from the budget of the previous government. The SDP can not complain about the non-social component of this budget because they are similar to themselves. There are some illogicalities here. You have a constant opposition from the HDZ that SDP has failed to withdraw money from EU funds. It now plans nine billion kunas. This would mean that the SDP has already prepared all the programs. But there are no reforms in that budget, but contradictory decisions from what was announced before and after the election. Some of my colleagues in the bridge have heard that they will not accept the budget, "Prgomet said. He also commented on budgeting without the appointed defense minister.

Prgomet: Orešković does not want Brkić, but he does not want to say it

"It is not normal to have a budget without one of the ministers and without one very important ministry. This does not mean that the budget can not be made, I am more concerned with the political messages stemming from the fact that one can not agree who the minister is. There is no serious reason for the Minister to be appointed, "Prgomet said.
- The prime minister is responsible for that. Why does he not want to suggest Milijan Brkić, who is the only HDZ candidate, that is a prime question for the prime minister. His call for associations to run is a message he does not want Brkić, but he must not say that. On the other hand, it is clear the HDZ's stance that it will not support naming anyone other than Brkić. It is today's government - Prgomet said in the Veto show.