Though many thought that the sky scenes above Dubai over the weekend were part of a Hollywood blockbuster scenery, it was the world's first drones race, the largest fleet of small aircraft reaching speeds over 100km / h. More than one hundred teams took part in the race, which passed prequalification, and the prize pool amounted to $ 1 million. The winner of the competition is the team "Tornado X-Blades Banni UK" led by fifteen-year-old pilot Luke Bannister from the UK. One of the privileged companies involved in realizing the live broadcast of this event on a scientifically fantastic and realistic border comes from Croatia, which is about

"We were the only company from Croatia engaged in Dubai at Word Drone Prix, versus the different mega companies from around the world. Experience in live streaming we've been collecting already 8 years, sophisticated technology and valuable equipment, we've got into the project to make the live streaming just perfect, "said Karlo Dževerlija, Business Development Manager at, pleased with the job done and the client's promise to cooperation will continue in the future.

The main and responsible "culprit" for the World Drone Prix is ​​Prince Shaikh Hamdan bin Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, the ruler of Dubai and the late-lover of racial horses and poetry. He has relocated his love to drones for, as he says, the popularization of the use of drones or the development of transport with these aerial-traffic auctions.

The "Battle of the Drones" took place at the 591 meters of the airspace on the track specifically designed for the race. In the final part of the race, even the 32 pilot, even for the overall victory, also fought for the categories of the best passage time, free style, the most innovative drone and the winner selected by the audience.
According to unofficial information, the prince has invested around 10 million dollars in promotion. Promotional video featured drone racing and McLaren, live streaming saw more than 255.000 interns, and the latest media names that followed the race were TV giants BBC and ESPN.