The Handball Club of PPD Zagreb only 13 days before the start of the competition in the new season of the EHF Champions League there is no resolved question of the hall where 17 will be. September to host German Kiel, says the Croatian handball champion, but from the relevant City Office claim it will not happen.

Attached to Zagreb's press release are two letters. The first is the one that is PPD Zagreb 17. August 2015. in which the request was made to secure the terms at the Arena Zagreb, where the Croatian Champion used to play matches in the Champions League and also in the SEHA League of the previous seasons. This letter lists the five matches of the Champions League and the three matches of the SEHA League in the 12 period. September to 16. December 2015.

The second letter arrived in response to the PPD request from Zagreb City Office dated to 2. September 2015., and was signed by Head of Office Ivica Lovrić, in which. among other things, states:
"Since the funds planned in the total amount realized at this time we are not able to give you your consent to use the requested terms for playing the European Champions League. To qualify for the SEHA League Match please plan in a different venue that matches that rank of competition. "
Although there are already indications that there may be problems with the terms at the Zagreb Arena, they hoped that a satisfactory solution would be found in Zagreb.
"In Zagreb there are only two suitable venues to play European matches, namely the Champions League and the SEHA League, namely the Arena Zagreb and the Ice Arena of the Sports Hall. The ice stadium is left only to one club and one sport and we have no other solution in Zagreb, except for Arena Zagreb, "told Ante Hajduk, director of PPD Zagreb Ante Ančić handball club, and said that the club still believes that the decision of the competent City Office will be changed .
But in Zagreb, they started looking for alternative solutions.
"The city of Varaždin has come out and allowed us to 12. September match of SEHA League against Vardar we play in their City Hall. If we can not get the title at Arena Zagreb, we will have to play against Kiel too. But that is not easy, because we've put the Aren in the app so that the EHF must approve resettlement in the Varaždin Hall, "said Ančić.
The head of the relevant City Office Ivica Lovrić is convinced that the solution will be found and the PPD Zagreb will be 17. September against Kiel to play at Zagreb Arena.
"At this point, we do not have the means to pay the costs of the Zagreb Arena until a budget rebalance is made. But two days ago at the Assembly of the Sports Association of the City of Zagreb PPD Zagreb was approved 1,5 million kuna. For the needs of the SEHA League, the Kutija šibica was restructured. It is really not profitable to play matches that visit 500 to 800 people in the hall for 15.000 people. If there is a SEHA League match that will attract a large number of viewers, then it makes sense to play at the Arena. But the Champions League will play in the Arena, and where else, "said Head of Lovric.
The announcement of a new ticket sales regime for the EHF Champions League came on Friday from the PPD Zagreb. As compared to last season, when the tickets for the Champions League were shared, the Club was forced to sell tickets to the Lower Sector at the Zagreb Arena at prices of 10, 20 and 40 kunas, depending on the position, and for the 101-106 and 111-116 will be able to buy an annual 250 kuna ticket that will be valid for seven domestic matches in the A EHF Champions League. For the upper section of the ticket, as it has been so far, will be shared.
Owners of annual tickets will have the right to pre-match for the eighth finals and quarterfinals if the PPD Zagreb is able to repeat or exceed the results of the previous season. Annual tickets will be available only through the "" system, and the singles will be available for sale at the Zagreb Arena.