Prime Minister Zoran Milanovic did not want Ludbreg to comment on the latest research of the CRO demoshop by which the SDP and the coalition at this point are two percent behind the HDZ coalition, because according to the polls, Josipovic should have elections and, in the end, not what he is personally sorry for him.

Milanovic said that until the election "another month" and that people will realize that there is no return to the old, that Croatia works, works, goes ahead, grows, and in a healthy way.

"Trends show, and I am most interested in this, the clear support of Croatian people to the work of the Government. This is a trend that for months clearly states not only that Croatia has come out of recession, but that things are developing in a healthy way. And that should be repeated, "Milanovic said and added that" now the public debt is in control because the crisis is over ".

As he pointed out, Croatia has a sound balance of payments, from exports, industrial exports and services exports through tourism.

Croatia has a positive current account balance, he said, adding that the domestic and foreign currency ratio is healthy, which, on the other hand, many countries do not have. As an example, Turkey, which is dependent on foreign capital, and Greece, where the withdrawal of foreign capital meant chaos, which almost happened to Italy, Spain, Portugal and Ireland.

These were all countries with a negative balance of payments, and they were the only common feature of them, and it was almost expensive for them. Of course, every other way is recovering and Ireland is much more aggressive than Greece, but Ireland was at one point in a tremendous problem because it was dependent on the German money that withdrew when the crisis came and the government had to repay huge debts and repair bank failures , Milanovic said and concluded that we did not have this problem because our banks are well capitalized and earn good. Now we realize that they make too much money, he said.

During today's stay in Ludbreg, Milanović visited foreign-owned companies "Ducati Components" and ACG Lukaps, which produce electric-powered vehicles and capsules for the pharmaceutical industry and are export-oriented. Milanovic emphasized his satisfaction with the state of the economy and the growth of industrial production.