Mayor Milan Bandić, Minister of Culture Zlatko Hasanbegović and President of the Croatian Community in Milan, Snježana Hefti, signed a Letter of Intent on Setting Up Josip Ruđer Bošković's Sculpture in Milan, in front of the Indo Montanelli Observatory, with the Mayor pointing at And for the project we dream of already 15 years.

This is one of the happy days in my mandate because the dream is realized and has become a good one, Mayor Bandic said thanking the signatories, the representative of the Italian Embassy in Croatia, as well as the representatives of the City of Milan for co-operation and meeting. This is the second major project of this kind, the first was the installation of the monument of Nikola Tesla on the corner of Preradović and Tesla Street, and we are now on the verge of creating another - erecting the monument of Josip Ruđer Bošković in Milan, added the mayor with special gratitude for patience and understanding of the family Mistrovic whose idea came from.

Culture Minister Zlatko Hasanbegović pointed out that one of the main tasks of the ministry to promote our culture abroad, and setting the sculpture of our great sculptor Ivan Meštrović in Milan is a good example of cooperation and promotion. Thanks to the family of Meštrović, the minister emphasized that he was honored to be able to contribute and contribute to the realization of this important project at the beginning of the mandate.

The idea of ​​setting up a monument was given by 1987, during the organization of the Meštrović exhibition in Milan, where it was agreed that the sculpture of Josip Ruđer Bošković will be donated and placed in Milan, since Ivan Meštrović spent a part of his life there, said the president of the Croatian community Snježana Hefti. Unfortunately, after that, problems have arisen, but today, as Mayor Bandic said - we put the point on the I, added Snježana Hefti, thanking everyone who enabled today's signing of the Letter of Intent.

Mate Meštrović expressed his satisfaction that this project is finally coming to its end, as he pointed out, mostly thanks to the City of Zagreb. Both Bošković and my father are famous Croatian personalities, and so I am very pleased to see Croatia in Milan.