The latest documentary by director Branko Ištvančić, "Everything was a good dream", has been going to the cinema all over Croatia this time. The film about the deceased French volunteer Jean-Michel Nicolier was shown in the crowded halls in Daruvar, Pakrac, Vukovar, Našice and Đakovo. After this mini Slavonian tour, Ištvancic's documentary goes to other cities throughout Croatia during March and April. Accurate dates are still matched with movie showers. "Everything was a good dream" His 17 experienced his festive premiere. February at the Europa Cinema in Zagreb.

A shaky, intimate and touching documentary "Everything was a good dream" deals with events from the era of the Greater Serbian aggression on Croatia in the autumn of 1991. and discusses the arrival of young French volunteer Jean-Michel Nicolier (1966.-1991.) in Croatia, his struggle for a free and independent Republic of Croatia, the tragedy of the defense of the town of Vukovar from the Yugoslav aggressors and the torture of Ovčari.
The film follows the mother of the murdered Jean-Michel, Lyliane Fournier, who lives in Karlovac and searches for his son's remains, as well as information about him since coming to Croatia, about staying on the first war line in Mejaš Village, until he went to the war hell of Vukovar . The mother remembers her son and his youth and tries to find out the reasons why Jean-Michel left the birthplace of Vesoul on the Croatian battlefield. With his other son, Paul goes to Vukovar in search of the truth about the last days of the life of her son, JNA and Serbian paramilitary units pulled out of the hangar on Ovčari and executed in a nearby meadow.
The story of the young French was transformed by 2012. and a novel entitled Jean or the scent of death, based on a long-standing personal investigation by Nevenka Nekić and Antun Ivanković, reflected in the testimonies of the Belgrade trial, the letters of Jean's mother and the French press clippings. The book was issued in the editorial board of the Association Ante Starčević from Tovarnika.
Due to the great interest of the audience, the film will be re-screened in Zagreb as part of the regular cinema distribution at Grič, on Friday, 18.03. in 20 lessons and in the movie theater Metropolis Museum of Contemporary Art on Saturday, 19.03. in 17,45 hours