The City of Zagreb in cooperation with the Institute of Public Health Dr. Andrija Štampar and the Croatian Debate Society organize a Cycle of Debate / "Spikaonica" entitled "Do you dare to resist - Is there any entertainment without alcohol?"

The aim of the campaign is to raise awareness among young people about the harmfulness of alcohol consumption and to promote healthy lifestyles. The entire campaign was conceived as one of the implementation activities under the Action Plan for the Suppression of Alcohol Abuse in the City of Zagreb for the 2013 Period. - 2016.g.
The first cycle of "Spikaonica" will include the 6 term at the secondary schools of the City of Zagreb during March and April this year, and is intended for students of other grades of secondary schools. Members of the Croatian Debate Society will be debated with opposing arguments about having and without alcohol. Each "Spikaonica" will have its ambassador (a public speaking person who will talk about his own alcohol experience) and experts who will first talk about working with youth, prevention and treatment of addiction.
The second debate / "Spikaonica" will take place 16. March 2016. in X. Gymnasium, Klaićeva 7, starting at 19: 00 en cinema hall on the third floor.

Attendees will attend: Mirjana Orban, MD Spec. Psyche, in front of the Mental Health Service and Prevention of Addiction to the Public Health Institute "Dr. Andrija Štampar "and Ivan Čelić, MD. spec. psih, in front of the Department of Psychiatric Vagabond Disease Disorders.
The Ambassador of this "Spikaonice" will be Ivan Vukušić.