HDZ Vice President and Newly Appointed Chief of Staff Tomislav Karamarka in In-Part Elections Damir Jelić, visiting Veto's Sanja Sanjin Španović's TV Show on Jabuka TV, commented on the election of new defense minister Tome Medved.
He said that he knew the person personally for years and that he thinks his choice would lead to better communication with the defending populace.
"I personally know Mr. Medved, he is a Croatian officer who speaks that he was also honored to wear a uniform of soldiers. I can testify about his family, his brother laid down his homeland. I know him personally as commander of legendary Tigers, but also through conversation with other Tigers I can say that his appointment is a good foundation and I hope the upgrade will be a good one. We can expect better communication from him than in the previous government with the defenders, which was not the case, and then on the human side, a lot of problems will be solved because many of the defenders are most upset, lack of communication. I do not believe all the problems can be solved, but a lot of it can be - said Jelić.
Asked whether the wait for the new defense minister was still disappointing for all sides, and whoever guilty that it all went so far, Jelic replied that it was definitely going to go faster.
"We have a defense minister, even a defense attorney, and that's a positive thing, and when something's been waiting a long while, it's a good thing. This coalition has 12 parties and a non-party prime minister who is not out of the political milieu. When this is all put in a pile, the culprit is not to be sought. It certainly must have gone faster - said Jelić, who believes that Medved as a soldier with the generals role has good managerial and managerial skills that he will need.
Jelić, in his first appearance in the media as head of the headquarters of Tomislav Karamarko, admitted that his appointment to that function was a surprise.
- I was wondering where I was from this position. It was all surprising because I did not think about it. I'm not private with Karamarko, we do not come from the private side, but from the professional side there is a foundation that binds us, and why the choice fell on me, I do not know there are many honorable people who can do that job but this choice has fallen on me - said Jelic, who claims he has not competed with Milan Brkić who was in that position four years ago when Karamarko became the party president for the first time.
- Brkic is the Secretary General who needs to be with all the candidates at Karamark. He is at my service today as well as others. His position in the party is the same, he holds firmly the foundations of this party. This, with the election of the Defense Minister, is an incorrect story to him as a man. The first day he should have been told yes or no, and not torture him. A message is sent to people who are not good, "Jelić said.
Asked how many internal party elections in the HDZ affect the political situation in Croatia, Jelić said that nothing is in the vacuum and that everything is happening in the context.
- Certainly, these elections will continue to have a positive impact, as it will give Peace and Legitimacy to President Karamarko and the ability to concentrate fully on the work of the Government, because it is logical to use energy on two political platforms, and therefore the HDZ presidential elections go ahead they could be given priority, which is Croatia - said Jelic.
He did not deny the allegations in yesterday's Večernji list that HDZ was ready for new parliamentary elections after interstate but did not want to confirm it, but said that the coalition must speed up the processes in the government.
"Obviously, some people know more than party vice president and chief of party headquarters. What will happen, how and when, let's not do that. That the decision-making process in this big coalition must be accelerated, I agree. If they do not accelerate then this people will feel and recognize it and then it is not an effective government. If they accelerate and if the work comes, then who would go against it - Jelić said.
Asked if the tensions between the Domestic Coalition and the Bridge will be reduced after the budget statement Jelic said that anyone who thinks this great ruling majority will be unison and unique is not on the real path.
- Remember Racan and his six-member government and how many problems he has, just as the story here is similar, but is more complicated because there are more parties, and the Bridge is not homogenous. In the end, were not the citizens asking for it? They looked for a corrective form and now when they see it I can try something that has not happened yet. It should strive for patience - said Jelić.