It is true that we have been granted funds of 1,5 million, but they are strictly intended and will be spent on international programs, "said director of the PPD Zagreb Ante Ančić Handball Club answering to the head of the City Office for Education, Culture and Sport Ivica Lovrić, in connection with the rejection of the request that, as has so far, the budget funds are paid for the rental costs of the Zagreb Arena for handball appearances in the EHF Champions League.

RK PPD Zagreb is Friday, 4. September, only 13 days before the first match in the new season of the EHF Champions League, hosted by German Kiel, received a letter from the relevant City Office, rejecting their request for use of the terms at Arena Zagreb.

This is the leaders of the Croatian champions and last year's participants in the quarterfinals of the Champions League, who have been briefed by the City Office for Education, Culture and Sport. Although head of office Ivica Lovrić denied Zagreb's request for terms at Zagreb Arena, including five matches in the Champions League and three in the regional SEHA league, Juan said in a statement for Hina that the decision to play the Champions League match in Arena be found.

"At this point, we do not have the means to pay the costs of the Zagreb Arena until a budget rebalance is made. But two days ago at the Assembly of the Sports Association of the City of Zagreb PPD Zagreb was approved 1,5 million kuna. For the needs of the SEHA League, the Kutija šibica was restructured. It is really not profitable to play matches that visit 500 to 800 people in the hall for 15.000 people. If there is a SEHA League match that will attract a large number of viewers, then it makes sense to play at the Arena. But the Champions League will play in the Arena, and where else, "said Head of Lovrić.
Director of PPD of Zagreb Ante Ančić in Lovrić's words found some claims he wanted to answer and further clarify in order to get a real picture of the problem that is plagued by the leaders of the multiple European champions - lack of appropriate space in Zagreb for playing international matches.
"First, it is true that we have been granted funds of 1,5 million, but they are strictly intended and will be spent on international programs. I can not be used for anything else. Secondly, I invite them all to come to the box of matches and see what has been done. There was a single dressing room, because we did not receive one third of the necessary remedies. As for the terms we have been looking for, there are three matches in the SEHA league against the best teams, Vardar, Veszprema and Meškova. We are confident that at least 3000 viewers will come to you. I'm not a politician, I'm just interested in sport, "said director of PPD Zagreb Ante Anić.
According to Zagreb's request, the first match they wanted to play at the Arena was the one against the Skanderbeg Vardar, scheduled for 12. September, five days before the Kiel race in the EHF Champions League. But if Zagreb's request is not met, the Croatian champion against Vardar will, in all probability, play in Varaždin.