The Cultural Event of Naklada Ljevak, the Zagreb Book Festival, will be held in Zagreb by 16 in its second edition. to 22. May, and the focus of the program, which is being held this year at the Museum of Arts and Crafts, will be on the literature of Ireland's partner country, featuring the first announced festival guests, Irish literary stars Sebastian Barry and Eoin Colfer.

From the festival's announcement we highlight:

This year we are focusing on Ireland for its many promised land, globally known for its strong literary tradition, which will present the best contemporary authors to the domestic audience. "The Green Island" with issues that arise from the strong marking of frequent periods of emigration, Catholic heritage and similar to the size of territory, population, independence struggles, we identify many as well-known and fraternal. With regard to all this literature and culture of the partner country, it will not be difficult to associate with contemporary Croatian literature through the presentation of the most significant domestic authors. The goal of the Festival remains the same: promoting readings and books that we will perform with guest performances by world-famous foreign and domestic writers, presenters and actors in a relaxed atmosphere. This year, the Festival will be accompanied by richer film and music events. To avoid forgetting last year's great guests, one part of the program will feature the title Tribute to Sweden, where we will introduce authors from Sweden. Interesting and well-known literary workshops will discuss topics related to cultural and sociological circumstances that relate to both societies, irish and croatian, between their similarities and differences, literary legacy, contemporary trends in literature, prejudices as societies follow and determine us. This year we will not miss our youngest audience for which we have prepared fairytale stories and most popular children's authors, so that the book becomes the best friend from the very beginning.