President of the HDZ Finance Committee, Tomislav Ćorić, said on Friday that the current government measures for Swiss franc and electricity vouchers want to create an impression on socially vulnerable citizens that a month before the election cares for them, and thus' 'and all this will eventually pay all citizens.

"The Swiss franc and electricity vouchers only aim to make it possible for the socially endangered categories of citizens to make the impression that the government has taken care of them a month before the election and that they have a voice. On the other hand, the Croatian public 'tap in the dark' as well as many times in the last few years, and wondered - how, in what way and with what outcome. Unfortunately, all of this will be paid by our citizens, "Corić told reporters at the HDZ Central Committee, commenting on the government's financial and social measures.

Presenting the cover page of today's Slobodna Dalmacija, where the Minister of Social Policy and Youth Milanko Opacic, the Government, HEP and various ministries, answered differently - whether the government regulation on the criteria for acquiring the status of endangered energy customers from networked systems increases electricity, Ćoric emphasized as it is a series of chaotic communication messages from various ministries, HEPs and governments, "and nobody knows what's going on."

He added that no one knows what a Swiss franchise will be, because he has not yet finished the game.

Asked by the fact that in eight months the state budget was in surplus for 200 million kuna, chairman of the HDZ Finance Committee Ćorić pointed out that Croatia will unfortunately have a budget deficit of five percent of GDP by the end of the year, so our deficit will again be one of the largest in the EU.

To the question under which conditions the HDZ would support the Swiss franc solution, Coric said that there is now a complete chaos in the public domain.

"It is evident that the frank solution did not take into account the fact that we should sit down and talk. First of all, these solutions were adopted to "pick up the voices" and make the public aware that the solution was achieved. The only thing we are witnessing is the policy of conflict with everyone and with everyone, "he said,

Reiner on the poll CRO Demoskop: HDZ will have much better results in the elections

Vice-President of the Croatian Parliament, Željko Reiner (HDZ), commented on the latest results of the Promotion Agency's polls and on the social and political preferences - CRO Demoskop, according to which the SDP 'approached' about two percent of the backlog for HDZ, saying that fortunately elections are very close, and they will show something completely different.

"Fortunately, there will be very soon elections that will show the best poll. I am convinced that it will be on track for all those earlier surveys in the last two or three years, ie that the polls say one, and the HDZ's election results are somewhat different - much, much better, "Reiner said in HDZ Central, commenting on the regular monthly survey of Crodemoscope, conducted between 31. August and 3. September

According to these results, HDZ is still the leading party in Croatia with 31,1 percent of votes (in August they had 31,3%), and SDP with 29 percent (26,6% in August) reduced the backlog for HDZ 2 percent.

HDZ's plight Reiner expressed concern that the correct media claims were that a significant amount of radioactive waste was stored in the Ruđer Bošković Institute warehouse.

He also pointed out that this radioactive waste should have been removed because this year is a deadline for its removal. "Obviously nobody cared about that. Obviously, nobody cares to remove radioactive waste from the center of Zagreb, a million city and the capital city of the Republic of Croatia. If it's all right, not just HDZ, we have to be very concerned, "Reiner warned.