Students XV. Gymnasiums from Zagreb with their professor Revik Nuss visited 15 on Tuesday. March The Memorial Room of Nobel Laureates Lavoslava Ružička and Vladimir Preloga at the Croatian Academy of Sciences and Arts where they talked about the life, work and merit of two Croatian noblemen chemists Vitomir Šunjić, who was a Prelogov student at the Federal Technical School in Zürich and was Ruzicka. "Despite the differences in temperament and character, Ružička and Prelog were well-placed, and their relationship was full of respect, understanding and support," said Šunjić, among others.

The Croatian Academy of Sciences and Arts opened the Memorial Room of noblemen Lavoslava Ružička and Vladimir Prelog 2015. for the popularization of these two of its members, greats of Croatian and world science. It is a multimedia show that brings the most important information about the life and work of prominent Croatian chemists who were awarded the Nobel Prize for Chemistry because of their contribution to chemical sciences. Numerous documents, letters, photos and personal items of Ružička and Prelog are exhibited, and visitors can also look at documentary films about them. In the exhibition dedicated to Ružički there is also the original charter of the award of the Nobel Prize 1939, the only such charter kept in Croatia, while in Prelog's exhibition there is also part of his professional library, furniture from his workroom, a suit he wore at the award Nobel Prize 1975. and collection of boxes of matches from the world's hotels that he collected during his travels. A special info-desk has also presented numerous details of the Nobel Prize award process, Alfred Nobel and Nobel prizes. Nobel Prize Laureates Lavoslava Ružička and Vladimira Preloga can be viewed free of charge every working day from 10 to 15 hours.