PHOTO: Hina / Dario GRZELJ / dag

Both candidates for the SDP president have given the public promise that they will come to the Veto show to face what they are now avoiding, so Spacnik at the end of his show released the inserts and invited them to face their words and to each other

Whether the SDP president Zoran Milanovic and Zlatko Komadin's presidential candidate will be faced, is still completely unclear. Both one and the other have avoided giving clear answers, and the bosses of their staff can not even agree on confrontation in front of membership, but also on TVs.

However, Sanjin Španović, editor and vice-director of Veto's publicity, who publicly invited them to fulfill what he promised and came to face, thrown their gloves on Friday night.
Španović at the end of the show where he was guestwoman of the new Minister of Entrepreneurship and Crafts Darko Horvat gave a reminder that reminded Komadin and Milanovic that during the campaign and one and the other promised in his recent performance in Veto's show to come to him on the confrontation last week before election.
Španović gave the inserts in which at the end of each show he posed a clear question as to whether they were ready to respond to the show.
- You have to be ready to go all the way in the campaign. All I agree is that you will surely see me here in the confrontation - Komadina 2.2 said. at the end of the show.
- For you, yes? I'm ready to come if Komadina said it was for, then it was agreed - Milanovic 23 said. 2.
- Gentlemen, hold on to the promise and come to the confrontation - said Španović after the announcement of the show, and the day later, on his Facebook profile, he published this video with the status "People Hold for Word and Politicians for ..."
Whether Komadina and Milanovic will keep the promise, it remains very quick to see, because of the 2 election. It's been less than two weeks in April.