The World Association of Young People's Associations (SSMH) launched this year's World Day dedicated campaign dedicated to DownNode Symbol 21.3.

Last year 's campaign featuring colorful socks marked the World Day with Down syndrome this year got its creative version: the colorful chromosome is written with the slogan "I do not know everything, but I can do a lot!". The FB site campaign started on Thursday 17.3., And ends with 31.3.2016.

Join the campaign in 3 Easy Steps:

1. Draw a colorful chromosome
2. Take a picture with your drawing with hashtags: #DrawingBattle4DS,
#WYACroatia, i geslo "I do not know everything, but I can do a lot!"
3. Upload a picture to Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram, so mark at least 3 friends to include them as well.

Drawing is a fun way of expressing our creativity. In this way we will show that many of us (not) know how to draw. At the same time we know how to do many other things. None of us knows everything or anything, but regardless of the percentage of productivity that we all have, we are equal to their innate dignity and do not deserve to be discriminated in either one stage of life, or in a single life situation. We do not want to live in a society that uses a lower degree of functionality to discriminate against the most vulnerable. Are not everyone in some area vulnerable? We therefore want to invite people to think about their strengths and weaknesses and to support people with Down syndrome!

Down Syndrome is a chromosomal disorder that is caused by the overproduction of a single chromosome or part of the chromosome in the nucleus of each cell body. This disorder prevents the normal physical and mental development of the child. Down syndrome causes the wrong sorting of chromosomes during the cell division of the sex cells, so that the cell finds an excess of the whole or part of a chromosome. Given that there are three 21 copies. chromosome, regular type Down syndrome is also known as "trisomy 21".

If you are not active on social networks send us your photos to mail ( and they will be published on the official Facebook page with your permission.

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