Visiting Voda Sanjin Španović at Jabuka TV The Minister of Entrepreneurship and Crafts Darko Horvat announced that HBOR will soon be reconverting into a state bank that will provide direct loans to its own lenders by means of its credit lines rather than through commercial banks and thereby become a competition commercial banks.
- HBOR will become a bank. There will not be an agency in which they get the papers, so they are being taken to commercial banks to assess the client's qualifications to get clients. It will be a state bank and will have its own credit lines - said Horvat, who believes that it is too early to think about HBOR joining HPB, but for two or three years maybe.
This move will claim to be easier for entrepreneurs in Croatia.
- This will enable those poorer and weaker clients who want a second chance to get the credits they will be lending their commercial banks, as well as healthy competition with commercial banks.
"I'm sure interest rates will fall," Horvat said in Veto's show.
Minister Horvat also announced that during this year, the state inspectorate will be re-united, which the Government has divided into three ministries. This will make, say, a more effective State Inspectorate.
- It is important how we will expulsion the speculative relationship in the entrepreneurial sector. We have laws on mandatory relationships. From the very beginning, we have pledged to do so, and we will work to get a house again, with full inspection control and a single leader who will be the dominant person. So we'll change the law on the State Inspectorate and at that point the State Inspectorate will be much more effective. What this Government intends to do is to apply it in a different way to repression, punishment and misdemeanor. If state inspectors have a segment of educational content, ie the warning and deadline in which the deficiency has to be resolved, and when it is seen that this provision is knowingly violated then a penalty is imposed - said Horvat.
Given that a mandate expires for Croatian members of INA's cabinet for a month, the Government has to decide whether to appoint new members of the administration or extend its mandate to the present. Horvat believes that it is necessary to appoint new staff.
- I'm about to make one change. I have clearly expressed my view that if we were not satisfied with some things in the business segment and in the business policy and development policy of the company, welcome changes in which you will develop a different philosophy with new people - said Horvat, who believes that appointing these members to be part of the deal between the MOOS and the HDZ.
- The members of the board will be elected by public tender. In what way the commission will miss the names, let us decide that we are in peace - said Horvat, who believes that MOL does not need to sell 19 a percentage of INA shares, but also that the arbitration dispute between Croatia and Hungary about INA is unnecessary.
Horvat acknowledged during the show that he believes that Croatia needs the establishment of an energy ministry, but that his ministry is merged with Minister Panenić's line.
"If we reduce the number of ministries then one of the logic is to join the ministry of entrepreneurship and economy," said Horvat.
As the gas price cut for households came down at the beginning of April, Manager Španović asked Horvat why the price of gas and entrepreneurs is not lowered.
"My desire is to do so, lowering gas prices and for entrepreneurs. I will intensely work on it and I personally hope that this will happen very soon in Croatia - said Horvat, who says he has not yet opened this topic with Minister Panenić at this moment.
Horvat did not want to comment too much on the appointment of Maria Antonić, who came to the post of assistant in charge of development and inventions despite his company's debt of more than half a million kuna, for which the Commercial Court had forcibly sent the company into bankruptcy and admitted that he had made a mistake and sent the wrong message to investors and entrepreneurs.
- Colleague Antolić will justify trust, be assured, you will see what his virtues are. I know his colleague Antolić and his business activity. All the people who will be in the field of office functions come from real and banking sectors and in that way I will choose people - said Horvat.