In the Zagreb Club Vinyl starts a new cultural and music program - "TUP! - Poetry Letters ", featuring Mirela Priselac Remi and Croatian Society of Composers with his expert service HDS ZAMP. The first release of the show is scheduled on Tuesday, 29. March at Vinyl in Bogović's 3 (Zagreb), in 18 hours, and guest is Mile Kekin, a non-reputable songwriter and author of Cold Beer.

Once a month, Remi will host famous Croatian musicians - authors and songwriters - on a cultural forum, with whom they will talk about their creative work, with an emphasis on poetry and poetry lyrics. After the conversation, the guest songwriter will release one of his lyrics, which Remi, with the help of excellent instrumentalists - on the spot - will play and "reverse" creating a new piece of music.

The goal of the show is to demonstrate the polyvalence of verses that, alongside other musicians, take on a new life. Also, in an interesting conversation with guests - authors, poets and songwriters - they will learn more about their writing, inspiration, and the hidden "background stories" of the famous songs.

The cultural-music program "TUP!" Is a unique opportunity to familiarize you with transcribed lyrics and poets in an instant "one-to-one" conversation and explore the inexhaustible source of their inspiration. Also, their famous songs will have the opportunity to hear in a new dress, performed by Remi and accompanying instrumentalists, in imaginative settings.

Speaker of the forum is Mirela Priselac Remi, and the music performance in March will be created with the help of the young Zagreb producer and multi-instrumentalist Saša Miočić and bass player Konrad Lovrenčić.

Croatian Composers' Association has recently received regular texts as regular members. The HDS ZAMP expert service deals with the protection and promotion of the Croatian music repertoire and the collective realization of the rights of authors of music works. HDS ZAMP counts more than 9000 members, authors, texts, arrangements, or other rights holders, of which about 350 are regular members of the Composers' Association, remain associated.

*** "TUP!" - Vinyl Club (Zagreb) - 29.3.2016. - from 18 hours ***
The entrance is free!