Innovator and Entrepreneur Mate Rimac in the YammatFM Week Interview talked about technologies, novelties coming from Rimac's car, why there will be no mass production of Concepta and why he wrote to Prime Minister Oreskovic.

The Rimac cars started off with pure enthusiasm and love for cars and electronics, all of which were the basis for the competition where Rimac duly took the first place. "I started the company with the goal of making a sports car, but I quickly realized that it needed a lot of money that I did not have. The only way for the firm to survive was to develop development and engineering for other companies, "says Rimac. The main product of the company today is technology, from co-operation with Koenigsegg to production of batteries for wheelchairs, electric bicycles, for ships. "Now we have one project where we will probably work the largest battery ever made for a ferry that will sail to northern Europe," said Mate Rimac.

Concept One and Concept S, recently presented at an auto show in Geneva, have been sold and, as Rimac says, "We are the global marketplace. We are not a market in Croatia, we are a Croatian company and we are proud of this, and we point out wherever we are. "Jalopnik's journalist wrote in his article rumors rumored that Rimac Cars could start collaborating very soon with Apple on this topic Rimac said briefly: "I can not comment on it."

Prime Minister Tihomir Oreskovic and Economy Minister Tomislav Panenic have good intentions, but Rimac reminds him not to seek anything for himself but sees the opportunity to bring car industry to Croatia. For this, concrete measures are needed to attract investors, enough to look at a single Slovakia, which has no car industry, and are today among the leaders. "It is very difficult for foreign investors to convince them of investing in Croatia. Not because it was Croatia, it would have been Hungary or Albania, anyway. In this part of the world, investors do not invest, as soon as you are in Silicon Valley, New York is much harder. The second category is Berlin, Tallinn, it is impossible to do. Yet with a lot of effort and work, it is possible anywhere in the world, and in Croatia to make a global success, "concludes Mate Rimac.

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