Zagreb Mayor Milan Bandić has delivered six tonnes of humanitarian aid to the Humanitarian Association "Duga" on Saturday in Vukovar for their Social Assistance, where he cares for the 570 Socially Vulnerable Families of Vukovar.

This is the basic living and hygiene needs donated by the City of Zagreb in accordance with its social strategy and solidarity to assist citizens and other regions of Croatia, especially in areas of special state concern.

"There is no need to say anything, the works speak more than words," Bandic said briefly, adding that Vukovar, as a city hero, deserved to help him.

"The Vukovars are poor live, the reason is more, and the main reason for the ineffective governments that they did not ensure that people in Vukovar and Knin live better. Vukovar is a symbol of suffering in Croatia, and Knin symbol of victory. It would be fair to 'pledge' economic and urbanistically as Jelačić plac, "Zagreb mayor said, adding that for what would be the time.

Bandić briefly replied to the journalist question with who would vote in the elections: "With the citizens of the Republic of Croatia".

Vukovar Mayor Ivan Penava has received humanitarian aid from the Croatian capital and emphasized that he is "grateful for the beautiful gesture of the City of Zagreb that has helped Vukovar many times".

He said that "Duga" association has been doing a good job for all socially vulnerable citizens of Vukovar for two years, through social self-help, and has a constant support from the Vukovar city authorities.

To the journalist's question on the fact that Bandic HDZ in Vukovar "stole" Mirjana Semenić Rutko, which as a reason for moving to Bandic's party, "HDZ's insufficient emphasis on economic development", Penava briefly said that HDZ had organized defending the city from the Greater Serbian aggression, organizing peaceful reintegration and returning to Vukovar, and there is no doubt that they will be able to win for the benefit of the city and its economic growth.

President of the Humanitarian Association "Duga" Irena Rajšić met Zagreb Mayor Milan Bandic with the activities of the association and stressed that through Social Assistance is helping all those affected regardless of nation and religion.