The Zagreb Electric Tram (ZET), which today has more than 350 trams and nearly 500 buses, carrying about one million passengers daily, was symbolically symbolized by 124 on Saturday. anniversary of organized public transport in Zagreb, in memory of 5. September 1891. when the first tramcars started with Zagreb - one horsepower.

This is where the two oldest trams from the ZET fleet, two tourist coaches and a tourist bus, the first of which was free for citizens, started from Ban Jelačić Square.ZET

They were driven by the first bus driver in the history of ZET Nevenka Bišćan and the oldest retired tram driver Stanko Soldo, head of the ZET branch Ljuba Žgela and president of the Zagreb Holding Company Ana Stojić Deban. Vesele trams were accompanied by the ZET Orchestra Orchestra.

Zagreb Mayor Milan Bandić told that he could not attend the ceremony, but he wanted a "happy anniversary" for the almost 1600 ZET employees through the tramway speakers, and promised to the citizens for several years, more specifically for 127. the anniversary of ZET, the tram from Ban Jelacic square can be brought straight to the Zagreb Airport.

ZET of 1891. to date

The first tram started in Zagreb's 5 streets. September 1891. in front of the Technical Museum. It was operated by Ferdo driver, with the help of the conductor Vida, and the tram carried the Belko horse at a speed of 7,5 kilometers per hour.

Since then, a lot of events have been recorded in the diary of the Zagreb Electric Tram.

On the first pages of 1910 electrification, especially 1931. - when, four years earlier, the bus traffic is connected to the ZET. There is an indispensable role in the Zagreb carriage of passengers by the Uspinjača, from 1890., As well as the slope lift - which was also in ZET traffic from 1963. to 2007. After a pause for construction, he will inherit it new and more modern.

The tramway rolling stock, in particular 2005, is also modernized, when the first low-floor tram of domestic production begins to drive in Zagreb's streets. The completion of investment projects, including new bus vehicles and a specialist in the transportation of persons with disabilities, today in Zagreb is one of the cities with leading European public carriers. Special attention is paid to the monitoring of world industrial achievements and the introduction of new technologies.Nevenka Biščan

The vehicles of the ZET carry a million passengers daily and triple the equator

Monitoring of the current traffic situation, coordinated and prompt handling in exceptional circumstances, and the digital exchange of all important data within the traffic network and the fleet of vehicles to ZET enables the Traffic Monitoring and Control System. Thanks to the automated internal distribution and processing of information from this complex computing system, they create the preconditions for a number of additional services that the standard of public transport in Zagreb is raised to the highest level.

Synchronized with the implementation of sophisticated technological solutions, there are also the preconditions for modern transportation and accompanying business principles that Zagreb's public transport provider often brings to an innovative business entity with its small number of everyday users, just under one million a day.

At ZET, they praise their equestrian tour even three times a day, and yearly 109 times cross the road to the moon and back. (Hina)