Argentine soccer champion San Lorenzo rejected a sale bid for a club that was allegedly sent by the American tycoon Donald Trump to Pedro Bidegain Stadium.

"San Lorenzo is not for sale. The club belongs to the members, there is no chance that someone will buy it, "said the vice president of the club Marcelo Tinelli.

The sale of the Buenos Aires club, whose great fan was Pope Francis, launched The New York Post, announcing that Trump had sent Buenos Aires a generous financial bid for the purchase. US media speculate that Trump wanted to win the votes of Catholics in the US presidential nomination. Trump's spokeswoman did not want to comment on the writing of the American media or the reaction of the leader of San Lorenzo.

The Atletico San Lorenzo de Almagro Club is 1908. he founded the priest of Lorenzo. The club is a member of the first Argentine league and its stadium is in Bajo Flores, one of the poorest districts of Buenos Aires. They were the 15 champions of Argentina for the last time in 2013 and in August last year they won the Libertadores cup for the first time, the South American version of the European Champion League, after which Pope Franjo received them in Vatkan.

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