HDZ President Tomsilav Karamarko said on Saturday in Požega that the HDZ's patriotic coalition wins the last three years and has no reason to experiment, and has confirmed that it will respond to the call of the Croatian president regarding the terms of the parliamentary elections, saying that they should and SDPs and HNSs.

Asked by journalists about the possibility of coalition of HDZ with Reformist Radimir Cacic, he said that the HDZ has its patriotic coalition with which it has been victorious for the last three years.

"We have no reason to experiment. We will be convincingly beaten in these parliamentary elections. So we will continue to form our policy, I do not believe that any additional coalition will be needed, "Karamarko said.

HDZ President reiterated today his assessment that the survey results of the Promoción Plus plus agency, the CRO Demoskop, on the popularity of public deception parties.

According to the latest poll, CRO Demoskop, the SDP, with 29 percent of votes, "dropped" to about two percent of HDZ's backlog, which has 31,1 percent. But Karamarko has estimated that these data are falsified and that the HDZ has the advantage of 12 to 14 percent in front of the SDP.

The HDZ president confirmed to journalists that he will respond to consultations with the President of the Republic of Croatia, Kolinda Grabar-Kitarović, regarding the terms of parliamentary elections.

"I do not think it's okay to reject the president's invitation to such an important meeting, we are talking about the term when the elections will be announced. I think this should be of interest to the HNS and the SDPs, "he concluded.

Because of the interest and the journalist's inquiries about his musical tastes, Karamarko gave a list of musicians he preferred in his youth. From home there are Film, Boa, Azra, and foreign Eric Clapton, John Hiatt. Today, says Karamarko, he prefers singing music, Slavonian tamburitza and youth music.

The HDZ president resides in Požega on the closing day of the Aurea fest event held by 30. August to 5. September under the slogan "Seven Days - Seven Nights". (Hina)