The Blokirani Association believes that the leaders of the Living Wall through social networks frequently cite inaccuracies about their public activities and thus systematically question the public reputation of the association.

As stated in the press release sent by the Secretary General of the Blocked Mario Strinavić on Saturday night, the type and number of insults as well as the fact that the Liviu political party Lives Wall invokes the boycott and the public lynch of the Blocked Association has exceeded the level of tolerance expressed by the serious people in connection with a serious problem - by changing the Enforcement Act.

It is stated that the conduct of the leader of the Lifeguard "has all the essential features of the criminal offense of libel since they continually present untruthful claims of offensive and libelous content on account of the Blocked Association."

For "Blocked" it is unacceptable and very dangerous for freedom in Croatia "the style of communication in the street politics of a political party that claims to be a citizen's voice and become a parliamentary party with everyone who uses the method of linking the Living Wall to the" enemies of the people "(Croatian defenders, banks, professor Ivan Lovrinović, Bridge, Franak and Blokirani and others.)

It is emphasized that many at the beginning of the Life of the Lives, as well as the Blocked Association, watched their gathering with respect and appreciated their efforts.

But, as stated, "they turned you, instead of seriously engaging in the job of building a better Croatia, they are broken down by street jargon, deal with finding" folk enemies, "and judging by status on facebook, will probably suggest elimination from the public life of all other political parties, and all those who are unloved, and leave 'life alone' to themselves - Live a wall like the Inquisition, as an 'uebermensch' arbitrator in all interpersonal and judicial disputes, assessing who has and who is not right. "

For the Blocked Association, the political behavior of the Living Wall "is very dangerous by the democracy and the freedom of all, and once again point out that the leadership of the Living Wall does not understand the serious problem of the Enforcement Act, the problem of frank, the economic crisis and the global recession, the problem of indebtedness in Croatia, ignorance compensates for the theories of conspiracy, insults and speech of political violence ".