On the occasion of the World Day of Autism awareness that is marked by 2. April at the central Zagreb square, mayor Milan Bandić also sponsored the event, in association with the representatives of the associations, parents and children with autism, symbolically released a hundred blue balloons in the air. Thus, Zagreb joined other European metropolises, marking the 9th World of Autism awareness.

The president of the Association for the Care of Autistic Persons of Croatia, Lidija Penko, pointed out that along with the continued support and great understanding of the mayor Milan Bandic, the first steps were taken on the long road towards better quality and more effective rehabilitation of this vulnerable population.

Information stands on Jelačić's store have been set up, as well as the Association's booklets brochures with guidelines for cases of autism suspected or diagnosed. This year's event takes place under the motto Autism - respect, acceptance, inclusion, with a view to recognizing this disease as early as the infancy.