In the second match of Croatian Championships KHL Medvescak celebrated against KHL Mladost 7: 4

Uncertainly, until the last five minutes of the match, at the second game of Croatian Championships for Seniors played in the Sports Hall before three hundred spectators. Hokejaši Medveščak hosted Mladost and in the end finally reversed the match and thanks to hat trio Tomislav Zanoškog came a convincing victory and secured the twentieth title of Croatian champion.

"I'm honest and lucky we won. I tried to give all the players a chance to play against Zagreb and against Mladost. Against the youth is always difficult, especially in the final, but in the end, only the last third is to be expected. In the latter they always come down with strength, and we have enough, and with the experience and reinforcement we see the difference in the end, "commented Medveščak Ivo Ratej coach after the game.

The match started all just not good for the Bears who were at the start of the second minute in a minus of two goals. Petr Trstenjak and Jan Smolec Mladostaš suffered a strong start and showed that the second match, like the first one, would be close.

"Both games were tough and tense, but in the end we made bigger things at some moments and achieved those goals at the end of the game that gave us the advantage of completing the match," Mario Sertić, a shooter of the winning goal, said.

By the end of the first third through Marko Katica and Zanoško, Bears equalize the match, and in the other, there are a lot of exclusion on both sides, we watched an equal battle where no opportunity was missed. "I spent a third of the time in the locker room because of a blow to my head, but according to what I heard, it was stupid. But we got used to that, "Sertić said. One by one found the way to the net on each side and preparing for the other holiday prepared an exciting ending.

The newcomers arrive almost immediately at the beginning of the last third, but five minutes later, Luka Mikulic is the last time he equals the status of the semaphore, and after that, with a stronger pace and more convincing opportunities, Sertić and Zanoški bring and confirm the victory.

"The last five minutes have decided the match. We were a little bit quieter than them, making mistakes and achieving goals. Success has certainly been contributed by players who now have a great experience playing in EBYSL. I'm glad for my shot but all seven of them are victorious, "Sertić concluded.

And Zanoški added: "We are glad we won, everyone has been trying and we are all equally well-off. It was close, I congratulate Mladost on the game, but in the end it ended as we wanted. "

The best player in the game was named medalist Ivan Ružić who confirmed today why he took the title: "I am very pleased to have won this award. I personally voted for him, because I think that one young goalkeeper who has good parties in both EBYSL and here, sincerely deserves to win him and his defense is certainly a guarantee for our new cup ", praised his goalkeeper coach Ratej.

And the winner of the award just said, "Everyone is delighted and we are all happy. This is a big page of history for Medvescak and a very nice experience, especially because it is a twin, round number. "

Ružić, along with five more Bears, and Smolec on the side of Mladost, participated all day before in the fifth EBYSL final: "Tired was present, but if we could play those four games in four days, we can do this too," he said Ruzic thinking of the end of the regular season of the EBYSL and entering into play.


Croatian Championship, Final, 2. match, Dom sports


00: 45 0-1 Trstenjak P.

01: 16 0-2 Smolec

04: 06 1-2 Zanoški PP1

11: 02 2-2 KAT

33: 41 3-2 Jankovic

36: 21 3-3 Smerdel PP2

43: 49 3-4 Novak PP1

48: 06 4-4 Mikulic

53: 42 5-4 Sertić

54: 20 6-4 Zanoški

57: 32 7-4 Zanoški EN

GO TO DOOR: 36 - 31

EXCLUSIONS: 30 min - 18 min

KHL MEDVEŠČAK ZAGREB: Junker-Đurić, Ružić I., Šimunović, Janković, Mikulić, Katic, Zanoški, Perkovich, Pleško, Brenčun, Tadić, Miličić, Krivošić, Vedlin, Žižanović, Sertić, Ružić L., Čavkić, Senzel

KHL MLADOST ZAGREB: Krpes, Štimac-Rojtinić, Delić, Smerdelj, Večerina, P. Trstenjak, Plahutar, Kopajtić, Ljubić, Mirić, Ivšac, Martinić, Smolec, Novak, Dretar, Trstenjak N., Cerovečki, Šimunović, Čunko