Zagreb, 14.02.2016 - World Youth Campaign Against Violence Against Women and Girls is held in more than 200 countries, in Croatia in dozens of cities.In Zagreb, a campaign was held at Petar Preradović Square.In the picture Gordana HINA / Tomislav Pavlek / tp

The night before the election for the SDP president, a meeting of leading members of Komadina and Milanovic was held since their debate was canceled because Komadina withdrew.

President of the SDP Women's Forum and Parliament Speaker Gordan Sobol and SDP's Board Member and former MP Ivana Posavec Krivec were Veto's singer Sanjin Španović's show at Jabuka TV evening ahead of the SDP president's election.

Given that Zlatko Komadin, who is supported by Posavec Krivec, has refused to come to promised confrontation with Milanovic, who is supported by Sobol, although it is 2. February announced to Headwoman Španović as a safe arrival, these two prominent members debated on intra-party elections, but mostly about the role of women in the SDP.
Both have agreed on the direct question of how SDP has chauvinism.

- There is, it would not be fair to say otherwise. He is present in Croatian society, that is what we have to fight. It was even now in the campaign. An example is a colleague who intends to run, and what she experienced only because she was a woman, which was an attack from a colleague. I can also speak from my position as a woman who was a candidate on behalf of the SDP who went as a pregnant woman who went to the campaign, I was experiencing very ugly things and even from her party colleagues - Krivec said she did not want to to name anyone.
Similarly, Gordana Sobol said.

- I can not say he does not. At all levels it has. SDP is a copy of the Croatian society, and so we have all said it - Sobol said that he did not want to give examples.
Asked why he supports Milanovic when he was afraid that women in the SDP, which make 36 a percentage of the SDP membership and are the most active part of the party, do not want them to be beaten on their backs, commemorating praise and remembering when the intrinsic election is Sobol replied that it would no longer depend on SDP president.

- Zoran confessed that this is his sin and for me it is not a reason to give him no support. In the future, if elected Zoran or Zlatko does not depend on one or the other. At the Women's Forum meeting, I invited all colleagues from the party to what we would propose in the statute changes, so I expect the support of all of them, regardless of whether they are to be members of the presidency, board or ordinary members, "Sobol said.
Posavec Krivec believes SDP leadership has demonstrated unbiasedness on this issue, and that Milanovic was the one responsible for it.

- We as a party that has it prescribed in the 40 statute of women on the lists we did not spend. That is what I perceive at the leadership of the Croatian Women's Forum. But Milanovic is the one who proposes the lists, I can not believe that on a page that has 37 000 members and a 37 member, there was not enough women to meet sex quota on parliament lists. We are not credible, and that's what I do, and what we have to change in the SDP, said Posavec Krivec.

Gordana Sobol argues that the campaign has crossed the limits of decency but was not dirty.
"There is neither one nor the other side clean. There it is all in the soul of those who have participated in this or that way. It is their personal responsibility, and I do not support it, and in the whole process it has crossed the border of decency, but it seems to me that everyone is back within the limits - Sobol said, while Posavec Krivec replied that not all of them were running a dirty campaign.

- There is no need to say that everyone has run a campaign that has crossed the boundaries of good taste, because that is not true. It is well known who led the campaign of humiliation and humiliation. I proudly showed my favor at Komadina at any moment, and if that means that at that moment I became a part of the animal kingdom, I'm sorry, but that's not the appropriate message. Everyone who believes that some of the fellow is different, that they should be called animals, goes really to their soul. Candidate Komadina was very polite and consistently kept the theses and advocates and at no time mutilated anyone - said Posavec krivec, who condemned Baldasar's comparison of Milanovic with Nazi crime Goebls.

"I condemn my condolences as well as my colleagues. It is equally ugly and this is a comparison with the animal kingdom - said Posavec Krivec.
Sobol said that he thought that Milanovic had not crossed the border at all once, but in reference to the comparison of Rajko Ostojić with a squirrel, he said that he had made a mistake and obviously said that he was sincerely grateful to everyone who thought he had hurt them.

In the end, they were unable to agree on whether they did the SDP in the campaign boom and too much to deal with themselves, not the job of the opposition, and finally explained why they thought their candidate was a better choice.
Sobol believes that no one can guarantee the SDP and the party members that Milanovic's election will not lead to six SDP defeats.
- This can not be guaranteed by either Milanovic or Komadina. But with Milanovic, as the SDP president, the party will continue to grow, and Komadin will not - Sobol said.

Posavec Krivec asks who guarantees that Komadina will not give up on the position of the president as he has left the post of minister.
- Zlatko Komadina has never given up on either position either. As a minister in the Government of the Republic of Croatia, he conducted the program of the SDP with the highest mandate. When he did not trust Milanovic to implement the programs promised by the inhabitants of the Republic of Croatia, when his closest associates were dismissed, when the projects were stopped, then the prime minister lost. This proved to be a credible politician. He points out that SDP will just be on it. Zlatko Komadina has not lost any of the elections he has been running so far - Posavec Krivec said.
At the end of the show, the results of telephone polls were released during the show where 53 percent of more than 1500 callers answered that he thought Milanovic would be a better choice for SDP president and 47 percent said it for Komadina. But that was not the calls and voices of the party's only members, but of all the audience.