The blockbuster statement stating that Lifelong leaders systematically questioned the public reputation of the association, Hrvoje Runtić, Co-President of the Living Wall, reacted in his reply to Croatian President Kolinda Grabar Kitarović and President of the Croatian Democratic Union Tomislav Karamarka as they are behind the press release blocked.

In a statement that begins with the words "Respected Mrs. Grabar Kitarovic, Respected Mr. Karamarko," the response of the Blocked Association caused the Ivana Sincic President Ivana's wallet to be called by the current President of the Republic because of unpopularity, while the HDZ Presidency Karamarko recalls that " called Prime Minister Milanovic to street count ".

In his accusation of living the Wall by finding populace enemies, the Southwest Wall supporter states that HDZ President Karamarko was once the head of secret services "not to deal with finding" folk enemies, but "producing" them if he did not. " the presidents of Grabar Kitarović encounter failure to fulfill the promise of the pre-election, such as "stop digging on containers, switching off water and electricity, exodus of youth, eviction, etc.".

"It is unlikely that, in such times and circumstances, the role of the President of the Republic has been revealed to one hundred selfies per day? Malicious would say it is useless. We believe that after all those promises and failure to fulfill one percent of them, the insult to the common sense of the whole nation, but also the plague of those who Mrs. Grabar Kitarović, confessed to her pre-election slimness, gave her a naive voice. Some of them have been evicted in the meantime, we know you and me too. And for many, we do not know, because they are evicted in silence. The way you love it most, "says the Life Wall, which eventually calls on the President and the first HDZ man to confront.