Extremely Rich and Attractive, 26. the edition of the Animated Film Festival - Animafest Zagreb, will be back from 6. to 11. June Zagreb will do the world's animation center and confirm that it has earned the status of one of the world's leading A festivals. More than 300 films of various genres and genres, the audience will be able to watch at the European and Tuškanac cinemas, the Zagreb Dance Center and open-air projections in the Zrinjevac Park. The Animafest program was presented at Wednesday's press conference by the artistic director of the festival Daniel Šuljić, producer Paola Orlić and Matea Milić, and members of the selection committee Nikica Gilić and Vesna Meštrić.

Traditionally, an introduction to the main festivals will be the Animation goes MSU! Program, which, with projections on the media facade of the largest museum in Zagreb, already begins with 24. May, presented by a senior curator and one of the menus, Vesna Meštrić. Then on the eve of the two weekends of the Animafest festival, they will again donate a series of free open-air projections to Zrinjevac.
"Zrinjevac turned to Zagreb's most beautiful cinema last year, and open-air projections caused enormous public interest. So we're giving them this year's audiences twice as much, confident that the best announcement is 26. festival edition, "said producer Paola Orlić.

The festival also announces the new animated show and poster, a work by young Croatian animator Tee Stražičić, currently residing in Denmark. The conference was part of the Skype service and thanked the festival for its trust and continuous support to domestic authors.

The central program this year makes 6 competitive entities, for which entries received more than 1700 titles from more than 70 countries. Selections of the competition program were Daniel Šuljić for the feature film competition, Ana Hušman, Draško Ivezić and Daniel Šuljić for the Short Film Competition and the Croatian Film Contest, Nikica Gilić, Martina Meštrović and Daniel Šuljić for the Student Film Contest, Vesna Meštrić and Daniel Šuljić for Animation Goes MSU ! and Martina Pete for the competition for children's films.

Art director Daniel Suljić presented a selection of short film contest, featuring 46 titles, including greats such as Georges Schwizgebela (Switzerland), Phila Mulloy (UK), Igor Kovaly (Russia) and Theodora Ushev (Canada), but also key the names of Chinese independent animation - Lei Lei, Jie Shen, Haiyang Wang and Xi Chen and Xu An. With the new wave of rising star stars, such as Peter Millard (UK), Paul Wenninger (Austria), Celine Devaux (France) and Laura Harrison (USA), it is necessary to highlight the brilliant success of Croatian animation, four authors: Marko Tadić with Moving Elements, Martina Meštrović with Peter's Forest, and Vladimir Kanić with Only Lovers Leave to Die and Veljko Popović with Planemo. Kanic presented his film by joining the conference via Skype, and Popovic personally announced his latest film.

"For a long time, through the fierce selection of main, international short-distance competitions, there have been no more than four Croatian authors. For domestic production Animafest Zagreb has always been paying close attention to various programs, and in recent years it has grown to a respectable number of about thirty titles a year, last year we introduced a Croatian animation competition. This year (with the aforementioned four titles and another in the competition for children) there are ten more films of great variety in the selection of themes and techniques of animation - from until recently for the Croatian animation of untypical puppet films, through several experimental and classic 2D- drawing, "said Paola Orlić.

Daniel Šuljić presented a feature film competition, featuring nine extremely attractive titles of different themes and techniques - from the well-liked Anomalies of Charlie Kaufman and Duke Johnson, through the Spanish ecological sensation of Psiconautas, the Forgotten Children Pedra Rivera and Alberta Vazquez, to the American documentary sensations and graduates Sundance, Nuts movie! director Penny Lane. Real events inspired by Sabogal, a powerful political drama on human rights based on the recent Colombian past, and The Magic Mountain by Romanian author Ance Damian of a communist-fighter sounded by Jean-Marc Barr. April and the Extraordinary World Christiana Desmaresa and Franck Ekinia are stories about a girl seeking missing parents during Napoleon's dictatorship, while Extraordinary Tales Raula Garcie is a visually gorgeous screenplay of five short stories by Edgar Allan Poe. The last two titles in the Feature Competition are coming from Japan. These are the scientifically-inspired Harmony of two Michael Arias and Takashi Nakamura, and the cyberpunk story of The Empire of Corpses, which is the center of Sherlock Holmes's partner John Watson.

The film contest for children, which was adapted to various age groups by media pedagogue Martina Peštaj, had this year a 403 film reported, and finally 41 was selected. Produced by producer Matea Milić, according to which this segment of this year's program offers a great opportunity to meet children with the abundant abundance of animation techniques - from sand, over sketches on glass, classic cartoon animation and 3D to animated - dryers! Also in this segment of the program is a Croatian film, The wrecked wolf of the author Ivana Guljanšević Kuman. At the content level, this segment of the program is rich in animal stories and family relationships, and for older children there are also films about identity search, as well as solidarity and the destiny of refugee children. Additionally, Animafest will, as in previous years, organize younger educators in the workshops, continuing to raise the new generation of viewers as well as future animators.

Nikica Gilić, a member of the Festival Council, but also one of the selectors, presented a program of competitions for student films. "This year's selection of students was extremely diverse and varied, featuring the most diverse poetics and techniques of animation, the tradition developed through the purview of young authors and authors, as well as the latest trends and directions of digital animation and multimedia poetics. Hungarian and other Central European animated films, often embedded in the tradition of absurdity and existentialism, will present a treat for the Zagreb audience, accustomed to an authoritative animated film, while Japanese, Korean, Chinese and Taiwanese student work will be delighted with the high level of performance and successful models of East Asian art tradition, "Gilić said. He has featured some interesting achievements, including Velodrool (Sander Joon), Nothing You Need to See (Keigo Ito) and The Apple Core (Remy Mathilde).

The winners of the Animafest Awards are directly qualified not only for the Oscar prize but also for the Cartoon d'Or, a mile called the European Oscar, so one of the year's themes is dedicated to the Oscars. As part of it, the audience will be able to see the most experimental animated films that have won this award throughout history, then a block of Oscars by the choice of multiple award-winning author Marcy Page and Normand Rogers, and finally domestic titles that compete for the American Film Academy Award. The second thematic ensemble is dedicated to Animanarchy or Animation in the Raw phenomenon, and along with a historical review of key titles, co-produced with Alexis Hunot's curator, it also brings a selection of newer productions.

As already announced, the Lifetime Achievement Award 2016. The Animafest Council awarded the Belgian animated Grand Virtual, Raoul Servais. He will receive the prize personally at the opening of the festival, and his works will be presented in the Animation Masters program.

The third edition of the International Animated Film Animafest Scanner III, which will be released by 7, will be added to the film programs. and 8. June to reunite leading art historians and theoreticians from around the world. In addition to the film program, the animation programs are also being developed outside the cinemas: in the museum and gallery area (the Animation goes MSU! And exhibition at the ULUPUH gallery), in the video game world and in the public space, through the evenings and AV performances.

The first festivals festival festivals, so-called. Early Bird cards, offering a great number of benefits, are already sold in Entrio (www.entrio.hr), while tickets for individual festival programs will be available in early May.

The festival partners are the Croatian Audiovisual Center and the City Office for Education, Culture and Sport.