The payment of the supplementary insurance whose increase for the 19 kuna will be prolonged from the beginning of May to the beginning of June, but the Government does not give up, is everybody's personal choice, said Health Minister Dario Nakić several times visiting Veto Sanjin Španović at Jabuci TV and then announced how it plans to all those who do not pay this supplementary insurance to increase the limit of participation for the 1000 kuna. So, all who end up in a hospital without a supplementary insurance will pay the maximum amount of the 3000 kuna service bill, not the 2000 kuna as it is now.
- Our suggestion is to raise the limit on the 3000 kuna. Earlier this was the same amount. When you look at how much your bill is after a hospital treatment, you only see how much it costs at the hospital. Your choice is whether to pay additional or no. This is not the elitization of health, just the opposite, everything we do, we work to keep public health and social categories, "Nakić said in Veto's show.
And those who pay a supplementary insurance increase from the 19 kuna will not follow them from 1. May, at the beginning of June, announces Nakić.
- I announced that we would increase and send the proposal, but it is decided by the HZZO. All this has to go through a public hearing. My suggestion was to go from May, but we will not arrive. Our goal is to get started in early June - said Nakić, who claims he does not give up his proposal, despite the fact that on the basis of that announcement, 1000 people have canceled the supplementary insurance policy at the HZZO. He confirmed the leader's statement that an increase in 19 kuna would not increase the quality of the health system, but try to keep this level with it.
"Last year, when there was no announcement from the police, 150 000 gave up. So, we are doing our best to maintain the current social protection system. No one is required to pay for supplementary health insurance, this is an option paid by 1,6 million people to have students, students, voluntary blood donors, organs, malignant diseases, transplanted, disabled, and others do not have to pay extra. I would like my regular students and students not to pay because they are the future of this country - he has defended Nakić's decision.
But he admitted that 300 million plans to increase this supplemental surplus is not enough to cover the entire supplemental insurance system. To the question whether the fire extinguishing with the can of water replied that it was part of the story.
- Ten 300 million, that's something to fix the situation. We need to make better and significant savings and rationalization to make the system fully stable - Nakić said.
While he argues that his goal is to keep public health, SDP President Zoran Milanovic said today that all that is happening is not even the secretive privatization of health that he would be, but the chaotic privatization of healthcare.
- Zoran Milanović is the best example of how to lead the country and charge for additional 100 billion to cover the costs of getting new loans. I can continue this every two years to get new 3,5 million of new debts. Is this a responsible behavior? Nakić said.
During the show, Minister Nakić announced that he had started searching for a location for the construction of a new children's hospital that is now in the inadequate space of Klaić. He found that three sites were placed in a shortlist and that now an adequate way to finance hospital construction has to be found.
"Right now I've been in the field of potential hospitals for a new hospital that will have a national level of treatment. The current hospital in Klaić does not meet the quality standards for the treatment of the youngest patients. We have several locations, but the Srebrnjak area is not where the space is, so we concentrated on the locations of KBC Rebra, KB Dubrava and an independent space in Novi Zagreb near Velesajma. For building such a hospital, we have available a portion of funds from EU funds for particularly vulnerable groups as children, as well as selling a building in Klaić to close the financial structure as much as possible - Nakić said. He did not want to give deadlines when the construction of this hospital would begin.
- I can not tell when to build. I was not alone, it was the whole team, and now we have to sit down and make a joint decision - Nakić said.
At a rumor that less than 100 days since becoming a minister of politically unknown persons became one of the most unpopular ministers, Nakić said that he was not obnoxious and unaffected by his unpopularity. Asked if he was prepared to remain hated and unpopular and to implement his plan, he did not give a clear answer, but said he would let the public plead.
"I did not come to give up to someone, but to make our system quality, to put order, to keep it financially viable. I'm not thinking about the next election, I'm here now and I'm prepared to do everything I can, taking all the remarks and suggestions if someone has a better idea. But nobody suggested anything better. I'm ready to implement a program that will stabilize our health system. They will always talk about your actions, "Nakić said.
In the rumor of the obvious tear-off of Karamarko's story in the campaign, Nakić said that he is ready to be with Karamarka the most unpopular.
- Tomislav Karamarko for a long time is the most unpopular politician in Croatia. It is my party president and a man who has the vision, the idea, and the persistence for this country to stand on its feet. If I fight with it, I have no problem with popularity, "Nakić said