A unique gastro-tourism project, bringing together 150 VIP automotive enthusiasts, and 350 support staff who will take care of the participants of this unique luxury caravan, will be the first time from 17. to 19.06.2016, to be held in Croatia. As the caravan moves from Zagreb, with the final goal of Sibenik, one day's visit to Zadar, the second day of the event, the presentation of the project at the today's press conference in Šibenik D-Resort was attended by Mayors of Zagreb Milan Bandić, Zadar Bozidar Kalmeta and Šibenik Željko Burić.

"With the Pink Wing project, we wanted to bring together highly-positioned business people, business owners and managers who are in the possession of expensive sports cars, and through their socializing and enjoyment of all the benefits of this event, provide an unforgettable holiday-gastronomic weekend experience. Given that the route is passing through some of the most beautiful landscapes in Croatia, it is sure that the tourist promotion was the guiding idea in the organization of the event, "explained Robert Bajs of the Pink Wing Organizational Team.

Participants of the event were mostly business people from Croatia, but some of them from neighboring countries but also from Western European countries joined. Gathering and leaving is a ring around the Croatian National Theater in Zagreb where the vehicles will be exhibited, which will certainly be a tourist attraction. Departing 17.06 to 12: 00 hours with police escort and closing the road to exit from town.

"Car enthusiasts will certainly enjoy this unusual event that I believe will satisfy all their appetites and provide them with new adventure experiences and experiences through the landscapes of Our Beautiful. I am delighted that Zadar and Sibenik towns have become the prominent stations of this adventure and thus have the opportunity to present tourism in a unique way and to complement their attractive tourist offer with a new and different ", emphasized Mayor Milan Bandic.

The next stop or stop is Brinje Gas Station where some of the partners will have promotional activities. After that, the entire caravan descends from the highway at Yellow Lokve and continues through Senj to the Adriatic Highway. The column, which will be accompanied by the police all the time, returns to the NP Maslenica on the highway and continues on to the highway to Sibenik, where it drops into the narrow center of the city, closing the traffic on the waterfront where the vehicles will be exposed for some time. Under the patronage of the City of Šibenik and the Tourist Board of Šibenik, a dinner will be held for all participants in the Perivoj Roberta Visianija. Even the girls and organizers of the MISS Croatia election will join the evening, which is being held this year at the Solaris hotel resort.

"With such projects, we best promote the beauty of our Homeland; I am particularly pleased to see that our cities and towns are also connected; Zagreb-Zadar-Sibenik who, as hosts, really have what to offer and show even the most demanding guests. I believe that the tourist attraction of Sibenik, which we are witnessing, and the decoration of cultural attractions and tourist infrastructure, is only the beginning of the Sibenik household with many unique events such as the Pink Wing, "said Mayor of the City of Šibenik, Željko Burić.

The second stage will also be followed by the police; namely, on Saturday, the column will start from Sibenik to Zadar, and upon arrival in Zadar will pass through the city and stop at "Welcome to the Sun" and "Sea Organ".

"This is a unique tourist event and I am convinced that the caravan owners of these truly special vehicles will enjoy this route. I am glad that in their trip, along with Zagreb and Šibenik, Zadar is also drawn, which, this time, is the title of the best European destination. This is just a proof that we can do much more to promote the Croatian tourism and its specialties through joint forces and mutual cooperation, "said Božidar Kalmeta, Mayor of the City of Zadar.

Throughout the three days of the event, the Pink Wing Luxury Expo will be held in the D-Resort area, featuring luxury and exclusive brands as well as premium brand automakers, and a Gala Dinner with a humanitarian sign.

Today's project presentation was also joined by the Director of the Main Office of HTZ Ratomir Ivičić, the director of the Zagreb City Council Martina Bienenfeld and the director of the Office of the Šibenik-Knin County Zeljana Šikić.

Text and photos: sibenik.hr