Samobor, 21.01.2015. - One person in a family home in the Strmec Samoborski settlement in the Samobor area on Wednesday night died, according to a Zagreb police. Archival photograph of 07.09.2013. year recorded in a family house in the Vrapce district of Zagreb. photo HINA / Damir SENÈAR / mm

In the explosion of a gas bottle in Vrbani, on Friday afternoon, one young man was hurt and a few more injured, including children and one firefighter, were found in the Zagreb police and the public fire brigade.

Fire report on January Street firefighters received at 16 hours, and in the accident scene they went with seven vehicles and the 23 firefighter, two people with crane dropped from the balcony, and two others pulled out of the apartment.

The injured firefighter dehydrated, and the others were more easily injured by the fumbling of the smoke and took out emergency aid, Hin said in the Zagreb public fire brigade.

Two injured were hospitalized in the hospital hospitals of Sister Milosrdnica and at Sv. Spirit.