Croatian Parliament 2011. year 30. April, the day also marked as the Day of the Međimurje County, proclaimed the Spomendan of the Croatian Parliament to the death of Petar Zrinskog and Fran Krst Frankopan, and this year, the death of 450. Significant Battle Days, also proclaimed 2016. Memorial - the year of Nikola Zrinski. In order to prove how much the Croatian people are proud of their heroes and respect the Medjimurje County, Croatian President Zeljko Reiner confirmed the meeting with a delegation from the north of the country, led by Matija Posavac and the President of the Zrinska garde Čakovec Alojzija Sobočanc.

In order to get acquainted with the many activities that Međimurje County and Zrinska garda jointly prepare within two major celebrations, as well as announcing their arrival in Međimurje, Reiner invited a delegation to be admitted to his cabinet. Zoran Vidovic, the Guardian of the Franciscan Monastery Željko Železnjak, as well as the heads of the Zrinski Guard, the Vice President Ivan Baksa, the President of the Assembly Mihael Štebih, the Prince of the Bands Bernard Cecelja, the Deputy Commander Alojzije Šestan and the Deputy Commander of the Historical Duty, Davor Bratković, also attended.

"It is important to emphasize the role of Međimurje, but also our great personalities in Croatian history, and I will no doubt, in line with the previous years, as the Vice-President and as the Speaker of Parliament, to join this year's celebration," Reiner said and added that he was happy with Dan Međimurska županija 30. April, when Zrinska garda will lay in Zagreb in front of the cathedral and give him a briefing and when it will be part of the holy mass. He also announced his arrival in Međimurje within the framework of the historic 23 squadron. April when the Republican Square of Čakovec is expected to be filled or at the solemn meeting of the Assembly of Međimurje County 29. April, when you would like to greet the winners of the highest county prizes, the Zrinski Award.

"I am happy that the decision to proclaim the Memorial was one of the rare ones that were adopted unanimously in Parliament, and it is my pleasure to welcome you to the Međimurje Museum, the Old Town, for which we revitalized the project worth 45 million. We are looking forward to the rich 10 Days of the Day of the County, but also for the whole year, focused on remembering the Sigde Battle, "said the Prefect and praised Zrinski Guard, which is the leader of a series of manifestations.

"Our guards will be part of most of the events in Međimurje, as well as Siget, and giving honor, as well as with a special drink, to transfer the name of Zrinski, Zrinski counties around the world," explained the president of the Guard.