The guest of Veto by Sanjin Španović on Jabuka TV was former Finance Minister and SDP Parliamentary Representative Boris Lalovac. Commenting on the abolition of the USKOK tax, Lalovac said that the HDZ promised to reduce the number of agencies and threats, and instead, they were the first moves to abolish the body with stunning results.

- All developed countries of the world have such an organization and the best people in such organized units. This is a young team in Croatia, has gone through the biggest security check, we have taken the best of the best, can not control them, have their instruments to detect these tax scams. For the first time, Croatia receives information on the savings of Croatian citizens abroad and cooperates with the EU to protect the Croatian citizens, the Croatian budget and the state. That is why I have said all the time that this is a question of national security, because the issue of money is a fundamental issue, this office does not create a tax oasis in Croatia, which means you are a very high risk country. If you are a country with a very high risk then no capital will come there - Lalovac said in the Veto show that he believes that this office should not be put under the Tax Administration.

- We wanted this office to be independent and has continuity. In that part, we wanted to remove such political functions. Just as the HDZ has set up such offices as the one to prevent money laundering, so we went along with it. In this context, they work very well with the state attorney's office and there is confidence. I think they have shown very good results, and why organizational change is now changing ... HDZ has said it will reduce agencies and staffs, and they will first abolish the office that has the fantastic results we have achieved in co-operation with the United States. We have not invented this office in vain, and even now the Americans are questioning what is happening, and why a certain political pressure is being created to abolish this office - said Lalovac, who hopes that Bridge can prevent the abolition of that office and continue to function independently .

The resignation of the director of that office, Ane Škiljić Škevo Lalovac, called the move because of the loss of independence.

"She came to the finance ministry and passed all the possible tests. She was an assistant while he was Linic Minister, we were looking for experts who had knowledge from different areas, she was impelled by her courage and determination and she was a person she could not be affected. I'm sorry to go but this is her choice because of the inability to have a vision, and my vision was to strengthen that office and to deal with what all normal countries are doing out there, which is to protect national economics - Lalovac said.

Asked if SDP ran short of interpellation, as Finance Minister Zdravko Maric says he has no information about bank charges against Croatia due to Swiss loan laws, Lalovac said they were not because Vujčić governor was announced in parliament hearing as well the banks that communicated these announcements.

- With this interpellation, we want Croatia or the Government to actively engage in the process of repealing these treaties, as the EU asks for. We just want to listen to us, save Croatia for such lawsuits, and to prevent the possibility of arbitration in Washington and prevent large costs for Croatia and for banks. If they do not want to support it then I do not know what kind of government we have. They have received high quality legal advice, they have to protect the interests of Croatia - Lalovac said.

He says HDZ now shows that the agent of the banks was talking in the campaign.

- I would not like to say that, I want to believe that they want to defend the interests of Croatia. All we did was brought about by evidence and fact. I have to admit that if they do not accept our interpellation then they should have a good argument why they did not and certainly would not protect the interests of Croatia at that time - Lalovac said.

Asked how to comment on the upcoming 100 of the Government, Lalovac said that this government has no measures.

They talked, for example, that they would sell the property, and there was no measure or price, nor would the real estate sell. For now there are only a lot of stories, and we see that they do not work. June will come quickly, then summer, and september and end of the year, so the government will not work. I'm sorry not to focus on the economy, but on staffing. Unfortunately, they are still dealing with personnel ideas - Lalovac said.