Vice President of the Parliament and President of HSP Ante Starčević Ivan Tepeš hosted Veto's Sanja Sanjin Španović at Jabuci TV.
Questioned he thinks it is too late for a petition against Vesna Pusic's candidacy as she presented as a Croatian candidate for candidacy in New York, and has the support of Prime Minister Oreskovic and first Deputy Prime Minister Tomislav Karamarko said, Tepeš said he did not even he considers that this petition harms Croatia and the Croatian candidate.
- I do not think it's too late, especially after the prime minister came out to support her. As members of the Domestic Coalition we have expressed our position and we have the right to do so. This has nothing to do with Croatia, but simply an articulation of attitude. We think it is incorrectly run, I think that such a serious project should be shared with all political partners. There was a need to make a consensus, it was time to consider more candidates - said Tepeš who clearly believes that it is a national interest that Vesna Pusic will one day be a UN Secretary-General or a position below that he thinks he is not.
"The way we are delegated is not," Tepeš said.
Since Tomislav Karamarko said that there are many ideological themes and divisions, and that the time for economic issues Španović asked Tepeša if he could talk to him about the economic one, and he replied that he could because he was vice-president of the Parliament but that for specific issues are better talented finance ministers, the economy.
However, on the question of whether memberships in the Croatian Chamber of Commerce should be mandatory or a matter of choice as advocated by the new president of HNS, Ivan Vrdoljak did not give a clear answer.
- The Chambers should first decide how to regulate their things. They know best how to regulate it. I did not and could not speak in the Croatian Chamber of Commerce on his behalf - Tepeš said that the question of whether the project for the construction of thermal power plants in Slavonski Brod also gave an unclear answer.
- We are more ecologically oriented, when we are dealing with a thermoelectric power then we are more cautious. The same as we were against the firefighter. You need to talk to the local population. You need to see how it affects the environment, it is best to see the air pollution - Tepeš said.
Asked if the purpose of HSP AS is to talk about ideological issues, but about reforms and economics, Tepeš said that he has and how they have a series of measures. I prefer to talk about such economic issues. I am sorry to have come to the public's focus on ideological issues - Tepeš said.
He believes that Croatia should not sell 19 a percentage of MOL shares, but it is normal for new people to be appointed in INA's Management Board.
Asked about the announcement of Milan Bandic on transferring to the ruling majority, Tepeš argues that he never talked about this and that this is a stable government.
- And I read about it. I have no information about Milan Bandic or Karamarka. I do not know what Bandić is talking about. He says five more people will join him, but I do not know who they are, who they are, "Tepeš said.
To the question whether this Government without the Bridge Tepeš says that there has never been a word about it.
- I have to admit I did not talk to anyone about it. We perceive this Government as a stable Government of the Domestic Coalition, the Bridge and Milan Bandic, "Tepeš said.
Today Bridge is considered as a partner with whom co-operation is much more mature than at the beginning of the mandate.
- I can understand their fear of the HDZ. And they told us that we would drown in a coalition with HDZ, and that did not happen. I think that with 15 hands can be trusted and I think they need to relax. I think they will be much more relaxed as time goes on and we will be real partners. Tepeš said.
Tepeš claims he does not feel as part of the ruling party responsible for the three commemorations in Jasenovac.
"I'm sorry that there was no commemoration because it would be a powerful message. It would be better if we were together. One commemoration has passed, I go to the one with the official protocol on Friday - said Tepeš, who had been in Jasenovac only once, but not in the official protocol.
Asked whether, like Bandic or Kosor, his coalition partners clearly condemn NDH as a criminal and undemocratic state, Tepeš said he can not say that NDH was a good creation.
- The NDH emerged as part of a process that ended in the nineteenth-century independent state of Croatia and was an ally of fascists, and it was happening that, of course, can not be said to be a good creation. It was not independent and democratic when they were not democratic elections. I repeat clearly the clear views on it. It is unacceptable to me any regime that members of any nation, the faith goes to kill, "Tepeš said.