VOLUNTEER CENTER ZAGREB (VCZ) and 2016. the year continues with the preparation of a new season for international volunteer camps, where young people have the opportunity to participate in almost 2000 CAMPS IN DIFFERENT COUNTRIES OF THE WORLD. International camps are a unique form of socially responsible travel and volunteering that offers positive and practical ways of bringing together people from different countries and cultures to live and work together on projects that contribute to the local communities in which they are held.

The season of international volunteer camps lasts all year long, and is most active in the period from APRIL TO OCT. Participating can anyone who is motivated to help others and wishes for new experiences, friendships, and language learning.

ALL CITIZENS, AND YOUR POSSIBILITIES OF YOUNG PEOPLE WHO HAVE SUPPORTED 18 YEAR, are inviting you to visit Volunteer Center in Zagreb and learn more about international volunteering and apply to some of the many campsites around the world. Informative meetings are held in the VCZ area every Tuesday and Thursday of 16-17h.