From 19. to 24. April 2016., in the territory of the Republic of Croatia, is held the cycling race "Tour of Croatia". The race takes place in six stages, the last of which, on Sunday, 24. April 2016. starts in Međimurje County and ends in Zagreb.

In the area of ​​Police Administration Zagreb bicyclist will be escorted under the police accompanying the following route:

Entrance to the area of ​​PU Zagreb by the state road D3 from the direction of PU Varaždin, expected around 14.30 hours - state road D3 - Komin - Hrastje - Pretoki - Sveti Ivan Zelina - V. Nazora - Zagrebačka - Blaževdolska - Blaževdol - Burgenland - Saint Helena - traffic node Sveta Helena - motorway A4 direction Zagreb - traffic junction Ivanja Reka - Slavonski avenija, northern roadway west - Ulica Hrvatske Bratske zajednice, east road direction north - Ulica grada Vukovara direction west - Miramarska road direction north - Mihanovićeva - Gundulićeva - Ilica - Mesnička - T. Brezovački (entry into the 1 circle) - the northern part of St. Brand - 29.10.1918. - Opatička - Jurjevska - Mlinarska - Vrančićeva - Medvedgradska - Tkalčićeva - Mikloušićeva - Kaptol - Vlaška - Trg Europe - Palmotićeva - Boškovićeva - Hebrangova - Gundulićeva - Ilica - Mesnička - T. Brezovački (entry into the 2 circle) Brand - Another Round and GOAL on St. Mark's Square between 16.10 and 16.30 hours.

Before and during the race, the traffic will be closed or difficult on the streets listed above, while in the Upper Town traffic will be closed between 15.30 and 16.30 hours, as two laps run and the race goal at St. Mark's Square.
Drivers are advised to avoid departing at the time of the race to the streets of the Upper Town and the narrow center of the city and to avoid the aforementioned roads that will run from Ivanjac and Slavonska Avenue to the center of the city between 15.30 and 16 hours.
For cycling race maintenance:
of the 22 hour of 23.4.2016. to 17 hours 24.4.2016. it will be forbidden to stop and park in:
1. Gundulićeva street, western parking lots on the part of Mihanovici to Hebranga Street,
2. T. Brezovački Street, from Mesnička Street to St. Brand,
3. Opatija Street, from 29.10.1918 Street. to Demetrova Street, Medvedgradska Street, east parking lot to the south of Vrančićeva Street,
4. Tkalčićeva street from TC Kaptol to Miklosova street;
before and during the race, the following will be lifted:
1. taxi stand in Mesnička Street,
2. taxi stand on Vlaška street, near Kurelce street,
3. bus station in Palmotićeva Street, south of Vlaška Street;
before the nailas and during the passage, the tram traffic will be diverted to the part of Ban Jelačić Square to Frankopanska Street.
Drivers are recommended to use roundabouts such as Branimirova Street, Avenija Dubrava, Zagreb Avena, Ulica grada Vukovara during the race. Citizens are apologized in advance for any waiting and / or delay occurring due to the implementation of the security measures for the said professional cycling race.