Honest Hours The Column of the Regiment on Saturday, 23. April will open the Guardian Change in Zagreb, the Heads of the Cravat, which will be traditionally held at St Mark's Square, but this time with a unique ceremony in which the knights of the Order of St. George will participate.

This will be the ancient knight line, on Jurjevo, which is 23. April, for the first time the day of his patron saint is celebrated at a special ceremony in Zagreb, at St. Marka, where he will meet with the Historical Forces of the Honorary Shadow of the Colony of the Regiment. Ceremony of the Opening of the Seal of the Guard Shift Honorary Shadow The trunk of the regiment headed by Željko Matječić, Command of the Honorable Shadow of the Column of the Regiment, will commence at 11,30 hours, when will be at St. Mark to lay up and meet the soldiers of the Honorary Orders of the Colony of the Regiment and Knights of the Order of St. George. After the festive greetings at St. The Mark will begin the Change of Guard of the Honorable Shadow of the Regiment, which includes a review of the armaments of this renowned and popular Croatian historical unit, and then the patronage of the narrow center of Zagreb.

"The upcoming ceremony of the opening of the Guard Sector Shift ceremony The shadow of the Regiment, along with the participation of the knights of the Order of St. George, will truly be a unique military and historical spectacle and this way we invite all citizens of our city, the capital of the cravat, to join us on a Saturday as much as possible" is attending Saturday's spectacle at St. Marka Željko Matejčić, Commander of the Honorary Hands of the Colony of the Regiment.

In the ceremony of the opening of the Guard Shift Season, along with the commander of Željko Matejčić, will be the unitary officer and deputy commander Hrvoje Bušić, as well as a complete unit of the Regiment consisting of four horsemen and twelve pedestrians with drummers.

This is the seventh year in which, based on the author's idea, Marijana Bušić, director of the non-profit institution Academia Cravatica, continues the program of the Guard Change in the heart of Zagreb. The Guardianship Program is backed by the Tourist Board of the City of Zagreb, which has recognized its extraordinary tourist aspect, with its historical and cultural significance.