Faced with the worst refugee crisis after the Second World War, the European Union is preparing for the possibility of holding an extraordinary summit devoted to this issue, and the interior ministers working intensively on finding solutions after the number of refugees and migrants crossing the Mediterranean Sea on the road to Europe has already surpassed 300.000 this year, while in the entire 2014. there were recorded by 219.000, world news agencies reported.

Refugees and migrants are the lightest smugglers' victims who transfer them for large sums of money to the coasts of Greece and Italy in overcrowded boats and small ships, which are often in poor condition and tragedies are taking place. However, they are not sure even when they come to Europe because then smugglers are again on the scene. In the attempt to cross the Mediterranean this year, more than 2500 people died.

It is fearful that around 200 refugees drowned in the last naval cavalry of overcrowded vessels near the Libyan coast, while the number of dead migrants who drowned in a truck in Austria climbed to 71. "The truck found 71 body, 59 men, eight women and four children, one to two year old girls and three boys from 8, 9 and 10 years. The documents that we find suggest that they are from Syria, "said Hans Peter Doskozil, police chief of Burgenland, at the press conference.

An abandoned truck on Thursday was found on the stop of the highway in the east of Austria, near the Hungarian border. The first assessment of 20 to 50 corpses was announced on Thursday after a grueling discovery during the morning. Triggering was harder because the bodies were in a bad state of decay. The 7,5 truck was registered in Hungary, and it was a veteran drug sales trailer belonging to the Slovak poultry company. The driver escaped.

Libya has found the 82 body that it has thrown on the shore as the boat crashed with refugees sank near the town of Zuvara, the official of the Red Crescent announced on Friday. "Hundreds of people are still considered missing," Ibrahim al-Atuši said, adding that 198 was rescued. The ship sank after landing from Zuvara, the main center from which smugglers send refugees from Sub-Saharan Africa to Italy. The boat was about 400 people, and many remained in the backyard when it started to ring.

Both tragedies are the result of the greatest refugee wave since the Second World War. Thousands of people from the Middle East run away from wars and poverty and move towards Europe. The Italian coastguard announced that 1430 people were rescued on Thursday in several rescue operations off the Libyan coast.

Italian police arrested ten people suspected of multiple murders and aiding smuggling migrants after 52 migrants were found this week on board, and the Hungarian police arrested three Bulgarians and one Afghanist after an 71 body was discovered in an abandoned truck in Austria.

Austrian police suspect that behind this tragedy is a Bulgarian-Hungarian smuggling group. One of the three arrested is Bugarin of Lebanese origin, allegedly the owner of the truck.

Police in Palermo in Sicily retained suspects after the Swedish Coast Guard ship sailed on Thursday with bodies of victims and hundreds of survivors.

European leaders have assessed this week that the EU has proved unsuccessful in facing human agony at its borders.

Thus, Hungary raises a barrier to its border with Serbia to limit the influx of migrants and refugees into its territory, but according to the International Organization for Migration (IOM) assessment, it only aggravates the problem of smuggling people.

"Our stand on the wall construction is that it is indirect subsidizing smugglers. If you create an obstacle, they will simply charge people who switch over to move over, "IOM spokesman Joel Millman told a Geneva briefing. "We have a multi-annual experience that does not solve the problem," he added.

Hungary builds a 3,5 meter high fence along the 175 mile of the long border with Serbia, with an explanation that migrants and refugees endanger European security, prosperity and identity.

The IOM states that between 1500 and 2000 people are on the road every day on Greece, Macedonia and Serbia to Hungary, and there is a "realistic" possibility to increase this number to 3000 per day.

Greece and Italy are under pressure from refugees and immigrants. Athens has announced that its infrastructure is not enough for the waves of refugees coming to earth in one of the worst humanitarian crises.

While struggling with a catastrophic economic crisis, Greece is retreated into a new crisis following the massive arrival of refugees, mostly Syria who are fleeing the civil war.

"It's not just a Greek tragedy, it's a European crisis," Gauri van Gulik, deputy director of Amnesty International for Europe and Central Asia, said this week. "It is in the eyes of the short-sighted European leaders who have the highest priority to secure the borders but to help the survivors of the conflict," he noted.

Stronger anti-immigrant mood

With the rise in the number of immigrants, an anti-immigrant mood is growing, which in recent days is most pronounced in Germany. Refugee centers in the land of the earth are almost everyday attacks.

Local authorities in Heidenua have banned public gatherings Friday through Monday. These days, Heidenau has been clashed with German police and extremist protestors who have protested against the opening of a refugee center, local authorities reported.

Last weekend, hundreds of ultimate right-wing protestors, gathered at the invitation of the neo-Nazi party of the NPD, clashed with the police. On Wednesday, Chancellor Angela Merkel visited Heidenau, where she said that Germany would "not endure shameful attacks" of the far right. Before, during and after her brief exhortation, the chancellors whistled with the sympathizers of the far right, which mingled with passers-by.

Germany receives the highest number of migrants in Europe. The number of asylum seekers in Germany this year should be quadrupled to 800.000, and the cities that are most exposed to this pressure already have major problems with migrant care.