Mirela Holy attended last night on Voda Sanja Sanjina Španović's show at Jabuca TV and spoke for the first time about her departure from the party Walrus founded several years ago. The former president of the party and the former minister said the party came out for personal and professional reasons.

"There are wonderful people in Orahu, but the problem is that a large number of these people are not activating in a sufficiently strong manner and then a negative selection occurs. Then, in the first instance, you are out of mediocrity, and you can not withstand a story that has a wonderful idea like Orahova. I will not say that people who came to the leading structure of Oraha bad people are not bad, but what is absolutely unacceptable to me is that Orah from his idea becomes only one of a large number of insignificant sides in which most people only wait for the opportunity by using larger parties to arrest some of the sinekura. That's why I did not drive a party, "said Holy, who wondered if Orah made more sense in the future when he no longer had what the party had founded indirectly saying he did not.

- The party can not be viable if it only depends on one person. I would say that Orah was on a sort of test after my resignation to see whether the people in the party are sufficiently afraid of the idea of ​​Oras or they care about what others in the other party care about, and that is to embed certain sinekura. The party did not pass the test and if it depends on one person, it is better not to have it, "Holy said.

Eventually, she admitted she was politically killed because of her ideals.
"It does not matter what others think about me, but what I think about myself, because I have to live with myself. I am ideallistic and I am aware that ideals often go foolish, but the world without an idealist can not change. Probably I have died politically for my ideals, but I'm not sorry, "Holy said.

Given that the leader twice titled him as a former minister, the former president of Orah, and recently a former member of Oraha Holy joked in his own account and slightly opened it.
- It's phenomenal for me to represent me. The former, the former. I am probably the most resigned in the history of Croatian politics. But I do not regret either for a resignation. Every resignation has brought me some growth, I'm not talking about political growth. This is a phenomenal experience that builds you. Experiences are the most important thing in the world. If someone told me that what happened to me when I left the government would happen to me, I would think there is no chance and that I will not survive. I'm a pretty introverted person and it was me to realize my worst nightmares. I managed to survive without the means of calming that I later realized that it was a rare thing. Colleagues who had much less stressful situations were even hospitalized, "said Holy, who, although he was in favor of legalizing marijuana, did not reach such a sort of calm.

In the future, he will be attending lectures at the college, and he will finish two books, one of which is a political satire.
Holy commented on the bridge that managed to do what went to her at the Europarliamentary election, and then she was not in parliamentary elections. He claims to be in the Bridge a handful of hypocrites.

- There has been a kind of curse in the bridge, the worst disappointment is when a goal for which you are not ready enough and firm in your ideas happens. I do not have a high opinion of the Bridge, and people in the Bridge. There's a lot of hypocrisy there. And the last example is that of Mr. Kovacic, who turned to HDZ Shekaric, because he spent money transparently and unselfishly. He would just like to remind that he had escaped from the Environmental Protection and Energy Efficiency Fund 30 million for the rebuilding of the rocks over Omis, and these are completely unintentional spent money. The Environmental Protection Fund is in the interest zone of his party colleague, Minister Dobrović. This is an identical example of political corruption in the HDZ or the SDP, "Holy said, adding:

- You can check it all, everyone can read the law. It clearly states that all funds investing in a fund in some way need to be spent on what they are intended for. This happened maybe two and a half months ago. This man is a mayor, he has resources he uses unselfishly. You can not behave with a fund like a casserole, "Holy said.

In the end, he commented on the current government and said it was "very critical of the government of Zoran Milanovic, but this incompetent government fades as an intergalactic empire against this Government".