Photo exhibition 'Suicide skeleton' Janka Belaja will be opened on Tuesday, 3. May at 19 hours, at ULUPUH Gallery, in Tkalčićeva 14, Zagreb.

The exhibition consists of thirty photos in which the author follows his fictional character Kosturka who unsuccessfully tries to kill. "The story of Kosturka begins at the time of the great, all-manned human loss - death, and ends with the knowledge of being lost - the life never really possessed and is therefore so passionate about it; the story follows the curiosity of the main character that his previous death, in fact, is of no essence, nothing new has ever happened, defining his "mortifical modus vivendi", an unremarkable search for an effective suicide method. The fact that nothing has actually happened has just happened, the point is the story ... (...) Here we see how the mechanism of double negation works: a radical loss is a loss of livelihood and its true nature. This is also the essence of Kosturk's suicide as a way of achieving true, authentic life. "(Krešimir Oremović, from the preface)

With an intriguing theme, photographs are also interesting for the technique they captured - a camerom obscure in the author's version, with a micro-sized hole (0,2 mm) that gives the sharpness of the picture we're not accustomed to in the camera obscurely while at the same time allowing manipulation by blurring and shading during exposure. The author describes: "Extremely wide viewing angles (40 mm focal length of the camera is like 12 mm in" Leica format ") a small figure highlights in the space, and with the compression of time in the exposure I accept additional light sources while the moving parts of the scene blur and add to the spice mysticism. "

Janko Belaj (1965.) Is a Zagreb photographer and an occasional graphic artist who has been in the world of these techniques in early adolescence. His first works were published at the end of the 70 years, and since then he has equipped several exhibitions and monographs in the area of ​​art history (MUO, Museum Space, Mimara, National Gallery in Ljubljana ...). He has worked for a variety of publishers, marketing agencies and designers (School Book, Kult, CWH, Hand Design, McCann ...). Year 1998. founded the first home portal devoted to photography (, and from 2011. is a regular participant of the Ars Ars colony. He is a member of the photographic section of ULUPUH of 2009. and Kadra 36 of 2014. years. Along with a series of batch exhibitions, he has performed reproductions and reconstructions of IK Ranger's opus as a co-author with art historian M. Mirković 2003., 2004. and 2006. in Lepoglava, and independently "Lighten up" 2006. in Budva and 2007. in Solin. Year 2013. exhibits "Drink and Drink. Before "in Zagreb and Sisak," Lighten up others "2014. in Sisak and a selection from the collection "Moj Klobuk" 2015. in Koprivnica and Sarajevo. More at

The exhibition will be able to look up to 13. May, working day from 10 to 20 hours, Saturday from 10 to 13 hours. On Sunday and the holidays the gallery is closed. Entrance to the exhibition is free.

The exhibition was realized with the financial support of the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Croatia and the City of Zagreb.