The Environmental Protection and Energy Efficiency Fund sent reactions to Mrs. Mirele Holy, who was present at Veto's Sanja Sanjin Španović at Jabuci TV, considering that during the interview he also commented on the co-financing of the Omni rock cliff renovation project.

'Please also publish the reaction of the Environmental Protection and Energy Efficiency Fund to the objective and truthful reporting to the public:

The Funds for the Sanctions of the Husbandry Fund Do Not Exceed NON-LIFE

The Mayor of Omis, Mr. Ivan Kovačić, is not from the Environmental Protection and Energy Efficiency Fund "scooped" 30 million for the renovation of the rock over Omis. Remedies for potentially shrinking rock mass fragments were provided to the town of Omis by 27. October 2011. on the basis of the Conclusions of the Government of the Republic of Croatia. According to the provisions of the same Conclusion, the City of Omiš was responsible for obtaining the necessary authorizations and permissions of the competent ministries for the produced documentation and to carry out the public procurement procedure for the selection of the necessary contractors involved in the realization of the project, while the Fund is in charge of co-financing it. Although the total estimated value of remediation in the Government Conclusion was 50.982.757,69 kn (with VAT), after the City of Omiš conducted the public procurement procedure, the total cost of remediation was 30.001.105,54 (with VAT).

After obtaining the required permits and selection of artists by the City of Omis, the Foundation was created with the 18 City Fund. February 2016. concluded a financing agreement for the project in question. Regardless of the contract concluded in the amount of 30 million kuna was not paid into the city budget so they could not have been used unintentionally. Namely, the money fund that secured funding for the project was not given in advance but will be partially based on the issued and certified situations, after expert and financial supervision. Since we are in the initial stage of the realization of the project and that we are currently drafting a final plan from the City of Omis, the Fund has not yet received a single payment request, so we have not yet received any funds in the city budget.
Note that this is a complex project aimed at preserving the landscape value of the rock mass on the volume and quality level, all based on the Environmental Protection and Energy Efficiency Fund Act and the Environmental Protection Act. Works will include a rock restoration of about two kilometers, height up to 75 meters. The project solution, depending on the particular microlocation, envisages the use of multiple individual or combined solutions such as bonding the rocky sections of the rock masses to the steel girders and currents, setting the steel mesh over the broken rock zone area, performing the protective barrier for the initiated parts of the sloping rock. Deadline for completion of remediation is March 2018. years.