The forthcoming edition of contemporary sound, the international festival of contemporary music, will bring together almost 100 artists from the 12 countries: France, the Netherlands, Sweden, Poland, the UK, Croatia, Austria, Mexico, Norway, USA, Portugal and Hungary. From 4. to 7. May, musicians, music explorers, sound artists, composers and performers will be presenting the audience's presentations through the 30 program on four days. The Spring Music Association at the Student Center brings together the leading names of contemporary music scenes as well as those that are just coming. Exhibit is a research, process, and development that gives the music community a better edge than the legitimacy and the rules of the music industry.

"Exhibit is joint energy and effort, the effort we share with friends and partners in fostering cooperation and dialogue. The show is an attempt to ignore genre boundaries, encourage creativity and a critical but open approach that strives to respect diversity, "said Artistic Manager of the Festival, Davorka Begović, and announced this year's program.

This year's Exhibit will be opened in the best possible way; with the performance of his youngest participants, attendees of the 4 monthly workshop led by musicians and composer Nenada Sincauza. Pioneers of the Sound Factory, or small budding musicians from the age of 7 to 10 years,
with short performances will introduce us into the world of electronics and improvisation. Event place MM Center, and time of gathering 19 hours.

And during the five-day residency in the French Pavilion, created by Gideon Kiers, Lucas van der Velden, other members of Telcosystems and Sonic Acts Festival directors, and Swedish sound artist BJ Nielsen, we will see the opening day at 21.

The domestic music representative Waves against waves vary from ambient music through electronics and psychedelic sound from 60 to a contemporary and experimental expression. The combination of Labradford, Morricone and Cluster. Big Hall & TD from 22.30 Hours.

And for the end of the first day of the festival at the Semifinals Hall & TD, a concert dedicated to the tragically deceased drummer Daniel Buesso, his colleagues and friends Sebastian Smolyn (trombone) and Artur Smolyn (electronics) will debut as a Defibrillator band with Maxime's Hänsenberger on drums. Smolyn's brothers often shared the stage with the jazz legend Peter Brötzmann, and their powerful play was influenced by noise, hardcore and free jazz.

This year's show can be boasted even by the arrival of the "old" improvisator's garde, the multi-instrumentalist Fred Frith, the clarinet of Team Hodgkin, and the drummer of Chrisa Cutler, or former members of the cult British avant-garde rock band Henry Cow.
In two different musical evenings, in combination with trumpeter, improviser and composer Susan Santos Silva and video artist Heikom Liss, master

unconventional approach to music, Fred Frith will give us an extraordinary impro performance that rarely can be experienced in Zagreb. Also, on the third day of the festival, Tim Hodgkinskon, in a talk with journalist and music critic Robert Barry, will present his first book Music and the Myth of Wholeness.

The Austrian ensemble for the radical and uncompromising music of this time, as they call themselves, the Black Page Orchestra uses their electronic music, video, and various technologies in their musical expression, and their stage performances are often of a performative character and are always of great interest to the audience.

Stian Westerhus, the leading name of the Norwegian contemporary scene, well known in the circles of avant-garde jazz and wider guitarist who is constantly looking for new challenges. Uncompromising and fierce, this virtuoso performer will present his latest solo album in French.

Performed by the S / UMAS contemporary music ensemble made by the students of the Academy of Arts in Split, led by musicians and composer Gordan Tudor, you will hear, among other things, the sound of one of Franka Zappe Peaches En Regalia's most famous songs, as well as the new works by the young composer Ane Horvat of that artistic leader of the ensemble, Gordan Tudor.

This year, together with Nicole Hewitt and Anom Hušman, will be hosted by the Department of Animated Film and New Media at the Academy of Fine Arts in Zagreb - OZAFIN ALU. Karlo Pavičić Ravlić will present his work Media phone, Roko Crnić performances Stolac, desk and chair, and one of the key works of Alvin Lucier Vespers (1969.) Will be presented by a group of OZAFIN students.

After years of recognizable membership and sound experimentation, MMessy Oscillators at this year's Expo come with a new hybrid sound and approach, like MMessy Oscillators 2.0. They are special in making and using DIY and BIO instruments.

And to celebrate publishing catalog events during 6 months in 2015. , the partners of the French Festival in Croatia, Rendez-vous, in collaboration with the Contemporary Sound Exposition and the Music Academy in Zagreb, invited the French artistic duo Scenocosme to present four interactive sound installations. If you have never heard the plants play, you will discover at our festival.

Also, this year, we had a surprise for the audience of the Exposition. We take you to a trip to Budapest on Sunday, 8. May, at the Spatial-Sound Institute in Budapest - a new research and development center in the spatial sound field. It is open and permanently located in Budapest

a few months ago, and was founded by a collective of engineers, researchers and artists 4DSOUND of 2008. he is continuously working on the development of space-sound technology.

Tickets for Excursion Exhibits are on sale! You can buy them at the Theater & TD cashier working every working day from 11 to 13h (tel: 01 / 4593510), and in the evenings by schedule: Thursday (28 .4.) From 19,30-21,30h and every night during the festival (3. - 7.5.) Of 19-21,30h. By buying tickets you participate in the part of the travel expenses (100,00 kn) and provide your place on an organized bus. The entrance to the program is additionally NOT charged. The number of seats on the bus is limited, so hurry up to secure your place for space-sounding adventure 4DSOUND!