Zagreb Mayor Milan Bandić confirmed the session of the City Assembly, the acquisition of new cars for the City Administration and the Zagreb Holding, but denied that the new BMW 7 was announced by the media as well.

Asked by journalists whether City of Zagreb got new cars worth more than 55 million, Bandic replied that Zagreb would purchase 99 instead of 83 cars by operating leasing, which is 20 percent less, and Holding will buy 257 instead of 194 cars, which is 25 percent less. It has an annual 10,5 million kuna, or 44 million kuna for four years.

The journalists were interested in whether these cars were a luxury BMW 7, which the media were writing about, and the SDP representative Dominik Etlinger said at the current session of the City Assembly because it is so far out of specification.

There is no BMW 7 and no BMWs, Bandic said, adding that he recently came to the BMW electric car during the Zagreb Auto Show, so he was "impressed" by some.

- Obviously they think I'm going to buy a BMW. I have to say that five days ago I went to Amsterdam with Airbus, I would not be surprised to announce that I will buy Airbus - Bandic told journalists.