After examining Dr. Andrija Štampar and the former head of the Zagreb Office of Public Health Zvonimir Šostar and his suspects, Uskok investigated against the total number of 10 persons, and for six, he demanded the detention of an investigative prison.

Suspects for which Uskok has requested a one-month investigative prison in the afternoon will be brought before a judge of the Zagreb County Court.

In a statement published on the USKOK website, USKOK has issued a resolution on the conduct of an investigation against ten Croatian nationals, based on the criminal reports of the Independent Tax Fraud Detection Section of the Ministry of Finance and PNUSKOK, on ​​grounds of suspicion of the commission of criminal offenses of abuse of office and power, money laundering, misuse of trust in economic business, tax evasion or customs, breach of trade and business books, incitement to misuse of office and powers, and aid in the abuse of trust in economic activity.

With Sostar, as he has been informally informed, in the investigation launched by the so - tax expert Ustac, a suspect and his former associate from the city's Health Office Mirta Loncar and the directors of Ekotours Davor Ljubić and Goran Žonja whose company, among others, deals with disinfection, disinsection, deratization and cleaning of air-conditioning systems, said HINA.

We make the release of USKOK in its entirety:

The suspect was first suspected, Zvonimir Šostar, as head of the City Office for Health, Labor, Social Protection and War Veterans of the City of Zagreb, since the beginning of 2006. by June 2013. by agreement and on request III. rev. the responsible persons of a company, with the promise of paying travel expenses and other awards at the expense of the said company, provided the company III. rev. obtaining clean-ups of air conditioners and ventilation systems of the Zagreb City sports halls by the unnecessary "dry ice" method and approving unfounded payments to the said company even though it knew that dry ice drying would not be done. Thus, in order to realize the agreement, and after III. rev. on behalf of his company with the City of Zagreb and the City Office for Health, Labor, Social Welfare and Veterans, as contracting authorities, concluded contracts for the performance of the above mentioned activities in the sports halls where he also undertook the obligation of cleaning by the method of "dry ice" Okay, he knew that cleaning would not be done by "dry ice", II. Okr., as a health adviser at the Department of Health of the City Office, and from 2010. On behalf of the contracting authority, the coordinator for conducting the "dry ice" cleaning procedure, received the minutes, specifications of the works and accounts of the company III. okr., where it was untruthfully stated that cleaning was done by the method of "dry ice". Then, II. Ok, on the request of I. okr., signed such documentation confirming that the contracted cleaning services of the hall listed in the accounts in the total amount of the 52.383.814,88 kuna were executed, although this was not true since company III. rev. during the period specified, works worth a maximum of 14.396.400,62 kuna. After that, II. rev. verified invoices to the Accounting and Financial Affairs Department which, after the payment orders signed by IRS, made untested payments to Company III. rev. in the total amount of at least the 37.987.414,73 kuna for which, at the expense of the City of Zagreb, was obtained unproductive property gain, for which III. okr., at the personal expense and burden of society, I. okr. paid travel and fishing expenses, and to members of his family travel expenses in the total amount of at least 240.000,00 kuna.
Furthermore, in order to show that the amount of at least 37.987.414,73 kuna was legally obtained, III. and IV. rev. are, according to agreement and jointly, with V., VI, VII, VIII. and IX. rev. to the responsible persons several companies agreed that their company and one craft company III. rev. issue fictitious accounts. Paying fictitious bills ordered III. rev. after which the other defendants repeatedly raised or ordered the raising of cash on behalf of the alleged loans, travel and material costs or made further unfounded intercompany payments and then raised the cash. So raised cash, after having retained the amount of the agreed prize, lent III. and IV. defendants.
In addition, III. okr., as founder and responsible person of two societies, and IV. okr., as the founder of one and responsible person of two societies, with the intention of obtaining substantial material gain from 1 to themselves and others. January to 31. December 2014, with V., IX. and X. okr. the responsible persons of the companies have agreed that their societies will be in a society where they are III. and IV. rev. responsible persons should issue fictitious accounts. Fines account payment orders gave III. and IV. rev. and then the defendants from the accounts of the companies raised the cash amounts and kept them for themselves, while part of the amounts paid were kept in the accounts of the companies and used them for their business. The manner described is III. rev. acquired unrealized property gain by 1.853.650,00 kuna, IV. rev. of 225.300,00 kuna, V. and X. okr. of 880.300,00 kuna and III. and IX. rev. of the 361.650,00 kuna, while the company III. rev. total damages for the amount of at least 4.862.241,76 kuna.
Furthermore, III. and IV. rev. are, as the founders and responsible persons of one society, of 1. January 2014. to 30. April, 2015., in agreement and jointly, in order to enable the company to significantly reduce the tax liabilities, incorrect and incomplete postings on the basis of unreliable bookkeeping documents were made in the books of the company, which allowed the said company, at the expense of the budget of the Republic of Croatia, to improperly discount the VAT payment obligation of the amount of 1.271.526,99 HRK and the obligation to pay income tax in the amount of 943.833,72 kuna.
After investigating all defendants, USKOK ordered detention of four defendants to the detention supervisor, while against six defendants at the Zagreb County Court's trial judge proposed the detention investigation.