In the most interesting game of the afternoon program of the EuroBasket second day, Serbia scored the German Nemanja Bjelice with Germany's 68-66 Berlin.

Bjelica with 12 points was the only two-time shooter of the Serbian national team, who on the first day overcame Spain and hit the top of the group. Nowitzki and Pleiss scored 15 points, Schaffartzik and Schroeder at 11, but that was not enough to win the solid defense match.

The Macedonian national team defeated the Netherlands and thus completely hindered the competition for places that will lead to the second round. The Dutch have failed to make another surprise, as they made it the first day of victory over Georgia. The Macedonians fully controlled the match, and winning the 78-71, which could have been more convincing, cheered two thousand of their fans.

Vlado Ilievski achieved 14 points, Trajkovski and Kostoski by 13, and Vojdan Stojanoski 11. About the quality of the Macedonian game is best evidence of 20 assistance. The Dutchman was led by Nicolas De Jong from 19.

In Group A at Montepllier, Russia suffered another defeat. It's from the Russians in 2. the 82-79 wheel was better than Poland. Waczynski's 23 knife was a relentless enigma for Russian defenses, Marcin Gortat added 18 points. Zubkov led the defeated with 21. The Russians will have to go to the second round against Finland and BiH.

Another convincing defeat in the group D of the Estonian national team was the candidate to win the last seat. After the Czech Republic (57-80), a team that almost beat Croatia at the preparatory tournament in Zagreb was convincingly beaten by Belgium (84-55). Gambling with 16 points and Van Ross with 14 points led the winners, while for Estonians, the one with double-digit effect was Venice (12 points). (Hin)