Zagreb, 20.08.2014. - Milan Bandic's Zagreb Mayor's Press Conference on the Beginning of the Distribution of Free Members in the Zagreb Elementary School. photo FaH / Lana SLIVAR DOMINIÆ / lsd

The retired party has sent the media reviews of the public procurement of luxury vehicles in the City of Zagreb.
Below we bring it in its entirety:

Can the value of purchasing official vehicles in the City of Zagreb be higher than the one-year budget of the Office of the President of the Republic?

Money has, just does not reach the end users, we trusted people without scruples.

Politicians who first think of themselves and their needs, high up their security and comfort. They all collect our vision and mission of serving the public good. We confirm this to public procurement of official vehicles for City of Zagreb, Holding and other city services. The laptops, lorries, 4 x 4, hundreds of horses, glittering aluminum wheels, speed gearboxes, leather lining, luxury safety equipment ... sound like a management fleet of a successful multinational company or an international bank.

Why even local politicians, officials, and directors want the public to give the impression of successful managers, tycoons, stockbrokers, or shareholders? Are these complexes, childhood traumas? Why do citizens spend money on luxury, inadequate realities in the city and state? Can the over-indebted city of Zagreb be allowed only for a vehicle that exceeds, for example, the one-year budget of the Office of the President of the Republic?

We have listened to all the occasional justifications: the more expensive and the better the vehicles are, in fact, the more cost effective and rational procurement, the official vehicles exceed three to four times the mileage per year, it is a leasing, after the expiration of 48 months it is no longer worth the maintenance ... Someone who believes in the lack of justification to enjoy the inadequate and, more importantly, undeserved luxury. Car dealerships like such orders, public procurement, leasing packages are top earnings for agencies and manufacturers' representatives, only cheaper and cheaper than rent-a-cara. Such a way of renting or renting a vehicle in developed Western capitalism must have a justification for achieving high earnings, which is used to calculate the cost of depreciation of the workforce, the official vehicle. How many in Croatia (all) politicians have contributed to the nation's prosperity by driving in (pre) expensive limousines, you know for yourself.

At the same time, the average age of the fleet in Croats has increased to 12,5 years. Why is this a concern for the state? After ten years of age no more tax is paid on motor vehicles, the Ministry of Finance is facing a shortage of 145 million. It is not difficult to assume that the ruling team will somehow figure out how to waste that loss, deep in the leather seats, behind the dimmed glass of the air-conditioned mobile office. It will not make it easier for the people to buy a new car or, worse God, reduce the benefits. They do not know how much a winter tire is for a luxury terrain, they are not interested in the annual prestige brand car service, do not ask them how to maintain an old tile with replacement or used spare parts.

They will continue to drive luxuriously. And we will drive.

Zagreb, 28. April 2016.
Lazar Grujić, B.Sc.
President of the Pensioners' Party